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Best Selected Complete Skateboards of 2023 | Quick Guide

Best Complete Skateboards are-

  1. Arcade Pro Skateboard 31″
  2. CCS Skateboard
  3. Enjoi Complete Skateboards
  4. SKOCHO 26in Mini-Short Longboards Cruiser
  5. JECOLOS Pro
  6. ANDRIMAX Skateboards
  7. Magneto Mini Cruiser
  8. Gonex Standard
  9. Upgraded Skateboards
  10. Ko-On Skateboards 22 Inch
  11. NPET Skateboards Complete

Buying a complete skateboard is preferable for beginners always.

If you think assembling a skateboard is easy – you have to rethink your choices, my friend. Hand-picking the spare parts according to preference, budget, skating style isn’t fuss-free. Ugh!

Still, believe that the hassles skaters go through with custom skateboards are merely child’s play?

No! No! No!

Let us burst your bubble with the best news. We have searched the highs and lows to ease your troubles and found 11 of the best complete skateboards to improve your style and skill. If you’re a beginner, check out our buying guide too.

Believe it or not, complete skateboards will not rip off your wallet. And that’s just the cherry on top. If you’re eager to invest in one, keep reading!

What is Complete Skateboard?

To put it simply, a complete skateboard is a deck that’s already assembled. Meaning that you can buy it with the grip tape, hardware, brushings, trucks, deck, and wheels already attached in the correct order. The user would not have to go the extra mile to assemble it at home.

Since complete skateboards come with all the essential parts, they can be easily customizable too. However, even when buying a complete skateboard, skaters must consider the width, length, user’s weight, and age before purchasing.

best complete skateboards for beginners

Is It Better To Buy A Complete Skateboard?

Even though you might struggle while learning and mastering skateboarding tricks, you can relax a bit while buying one. Thanks to pre-assembled skateboards, beginners don’t break into a sweat about assembling the spare pieces anymore.

What’s even better is that it rarely ever affects your budget. But the most standard banger with complete skateboards is that you won’t have to hop around in various shops looking for all the parts. Besides, there are so many trucks, wheels, and deck options. Who knows which one’s the correct piece? Ugh.

It will be a complete waste of your time and money if your adventure begins with such insurmountable frustration and less know-how. Don’t worry; these alternatives are no lesser or greater in quality than the high-priced ones.

The similarities can be almost uncanny if you hit the jackpot. Moreover, as you progress into becoming an advanced skater from your amateur level, you will know what changes to bring and even try out the latest mechanics.

Complete skateboards are incredibly cheap. And that too, without any adversity on the quality and making. They provide beginners with unparalleled responsiveness, stability, and a smooth experience via their high-quality pre-built setup.

Due to having a rider-ready attitude and setup, amateurs find immeasurable pleasure and comfort in learning standard techniques and tricks. Needless to say, complete skateboards are all-rounders for beginners and barely tailor to any advanced or professional skaters’ needs.

Thus, if you’re a beginner who’s looking for high value in their first-time purchase, a decent built, the entire setup and highly functional parts that can render to primary flips, swerves, and skateboarding tricks – complete skateboards are the fittest option.

Now, you know that it’s a perfect fit for you, refer to the age and size chart on your preferred brand’s site or in-store. The deck width and length can make or break your performance if they aren’t referenced with your age, height, and weight.

Complete Skateboard Vs. Custom Skateboard

You must ask yourself a few preliminary questions before bagging a skateboard are – Where do your needs lie? Do you want a custom or complete skateboard? Are you a beginner or an advanced skater?

With customer skateboards, you’re the complete maker. Thus, you know what to expect and how the skateboard should perform. You are ultimately providing the precise tool that your skill requires.

best complete beginner skateboard

On the contrary, custom skateboards cost more than complete skateboards. Frankly, if you’re way up on the skill board as a skater, you would want to invest more in a better tool for better performance. Complete skateboards can’t execute most of the advanced tricks and flips that a professional or intermediate skater wants to pull off.

Hence, for beginners, complete skateboards are the perfect fit.  Building your custom skateboard lets you deal with many choices—the width of the axle and deck, the softness of the wheels, and the trucks. It would help if you also made a decision based on where you plan to skate most.

Depending on all the considerations and choices you make, the total cost you need to bear could be more than $100. You can obviously opt for cheaper spare materials but, it is never wise to compromise on quality.

In retrospect, complete skateboards cost around $50, and the rates could get higher based on the brand and quality. You will get a printless deck, along with mediocre-quality trucks and wheels. But, they serve fine unless you plan on grinding curbs.

If you work up to $100, you can get several complete skateboard options. But then again, if you plan on grinding, you will have to substitute the trucks every 4-6 months.

The best setup, quality, and comfort persist in complete skateboards that are around $100 to $130 or more.

Product Reviews:

1: Arcade Pro Skateboard 31″ Standard Complete Skateboards

Ready to start skating like a pro? You bet!

Arcade Skate Board for Kids 8-12 - 31” Skateboards for Beginners, Skateboards for Teens, Skateboards for Adults - Skateboard Beginner Kids - Skateboards...
  • 🛹 Start Skating, Like A Pro! A beginner skateboard that feels pro level. The Arcade skate board is pre-assembled and ready...
  • 🛹 Who’s It For? Arcade Skateboards are great for all beginners! Skateboards for kids that are also great for teens and...

This beginner-friendly Arcade skateboard will let you experience the entire ordeal of what flexible axles, bearings, trucks, and wheels should bring. What’s even better is that you will have complete access to seamless twists and turns if you invest in this pre-assembled skateboard.


So, dear amateur skaters, if you’re within 220 lbs, with a 12 shoe size – go for this to never feel sorry about a pitiful splurge.

And yes, we’re talking to all amateurs – kids and adults! This top-pick, Arcade skateboard comes in a 7.75 x 31.25″ deck that’s also surprisingly built for any height.

The Flexi 7-ply maple construction gives it a sturdy feel. Basically, it’s just another compact getaway for you to accomplish your most-desired tricks in a day. Moreover, the board has ABEC-7 bearings with PU-wheels, 95a best grip, and T6 aluminum trucks for a durable lifetime.

Impressive, isn’t it?

And as if that’s not enough, the super cool sticker’s packs and sick color schemes will never bore you or any passerby. This pro skater comes in more than five designs suitable for all ages. So, choose between the ducky, Ying yang cats, mushroom dude, or lava – honestly, they’re all too cool to be true.

2: CCS Skateboard

Decent skateboards are tough to find; especially one rated so high in every park skating review. Not only is it one of the best bang-for-the-buck deal in the market, but users also find it impressive after test drives too.

You can also choose between 7″, 7.5″, or 8.25″ wide, depending on if you’re a technical skater or a young skater. However, there are options of opting for even more expansive decks if that’s where your comfort and stability lie.

So, it’s a win-win for everyone and their varying preference.

[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete White 7.00" - Maple Wood - Professional Grade - Fully Assembled with Skate Tool and Stickers - Adults, Kids, Teens, Youth -...
  • Wheels: 52mm, 100a Durometer (hard), WhiteTrucks: 109mm (small size for mini deck), Raw Silver -Bearings: ABEC 7 (high...
  • With its classic symmetrical shape, our board is great for cruising and tricks. The maple wood is high quality and gives you...

So, which kind of skilled riders would be a perfect match for this skateboard? Park skaters! With its 100a and 52mm wheel, raw-silver ABEC-7 bearings, and 7″ width deck, who could stop you from wandering?

The traditional maple wood build is intricately designed with high-quality materials so that the skateboard has a spot-on mix of stiffness and flex. This brings consistent performance in the skateboard, even if the riders are riding on rough surfaces. Furthermore, the stiffness acts coherently for a durable finish.

Additionally, due to the board’s accurate flexibility, you will have a safe and comfortable journey even if you utilize it every day.

Let’s face it, most other skateboards slack behind as they rarely get this mix right, but you’re in luck!

3: Enjoi Skateboards

Are you searching for the best street skateboard? Well, congratulations, because you can finally stop looking.

The Enjoi complete pre-assembled skateboard comes with whopping Tensor trucks that will elevate your street skateboarding tricks like no other. These unparalleled models are the swiftest if you’re specifically into park and street rolling.

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard White 7.75
  • Designed for smaller, younger skaters
  • Easy turning and maximum performance

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for cruising if that’s where your interest sparks. But, keep reading to find a cruiser for yourself!

The mid-concave, 7-ply deck has the most stable and comfortable feel for any beginner or advanced skater. You will not only feel safe while riding, but that will boost your confidence in learning and succeeding with newer tricks.

Because of their solid construction and high durability, multi-skilled users have found them incredibly worthy and potent. You can learn how to skate or excel in it. The choice is yours!

Even if you’re a technical skater, the 8.0″, 8.25″, and 8.5″ width is highly adaptable to transitions, flips, and turns. Thus, most users still use it to this day even though they’re professionals.

Honestly, once you get the hang of this significantly affordable piece, there’s no going back. And why would you even need to? Its top-tier components and features provide more value than the price paid.

4: SKOCHO 26in Mini-Short Longboards Cruiser

Mini-Short Longboards Cruiser-Complete Skateboards - Wide Skateboard Deck for Commut Tricks Freestyle(Rosewood)
  • 【Skateboard Deck】: 26.5"x9.5" mini short longboard deck ,easy to carry around.made with 7 ply canadian maple with...
  • 【Skateboard Accessories】:Truck: 6in paris style aluminum truck ,improved turns. Bushing: SHR90AAK soft and high rebound...

The unavailability of any of the best complete skateboards for heavy riders is unbelievable. You forage through brands, features, and pricing – and all for what if they can’t serve all body types?

Perhaps, all brands aren’t as diverse as SKOCHO. But hey, this SKOCHO 26″ longboard cruiser will make up for all the lost times.

The 6″ Paris-style aluminum styling can deliver flawless turns and flips while maintaining proper stability, making it ideal for carving and cruising.

The high rebound urethane bushings of SHR90AAK soft and the shakedown wheels of 75 x 56mm is the reason behind such flawless properties.

The 7-ply Canadian maple deck is a favorite for these mini short longboard users because it is a treat for the eyes and, you can carry it around anywhere! The single concave kicktail is one of the fundamental reasons for its strongly built with long-lasting durability.

Moreover, the ABEC-9 has built-in extended distance coverage, and the black grip tape can let you excel with a safe and sturdy feel. Here’s the best catch – The SKOCHO skateboard’s maximum weight capacity is 230lbs.

Yes, you guessed it. It’s also suitable for all levels of skaters. I mean… does the banger on this skateboard deal have a stop button?

I guess not!

5: JECOLOS Pro Skateboard

The secret about complete skateboards with soft wheels made of Polyurethane is that they can support maximized weight no matter what your age group is.

Let’s see if this Jecolos skateboard fits into that notion or if it’s just fluff.

It’s a no-brainer that these skateboards made with high-density, 7-layered maple wood are going to serve you with enhanced stability and durability. Furthermore, the thoughtful creation behind this four-wheeler has an implementation of a non-slip surface so you can roll away at any speed with a robust grip.

Fortunately, the 220lbs weight limit proceeds onto all adult and kid skaters. Yay!

Are you worried if it can sustain your weight? Don’t! The high-quality, thick aluminum assembled trucks and axle steel will support any height and weight with the additional advantage of letting you ride at the swiftest speed.

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards for Beginners Adults Teens Kids Girls Boys 31"x8" Skate Boards 7 Layers Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Concave Longboards...
  • 【Durable & Stable】High density 7 layer maple wood skateboard with emery non-slip surface provides a stable and more...
  • 【STRENGTH】Our Skate Board made of High Quality Thick Aluminium Trucks and steel axle, which supports higher weight and...

On the contrary, all these features elevate more in being an all-rounder as the wheels have an anti-shock mechanism. The PU, 50mm, anti-shock wheels meshes in seamlessly with the PU bushings and ABEC-7 bearings, which effectively gives you a smooth glide even on the roughest surfaces.

So, boys and girls, don’t wait any longer. Your pre-assembled cruiser with six color schemes is here to turn heads.

6: ANDRIMAX Skateboards

Is it just me, or is it complicated to find a compact foothold and top-notch stability on most skateboards? Ugh, tell me about it!

ANDRIMAX Skateboards-Complete Skateboards for Beginners Kids Boys Girls Adults Youth-Standard Skateboards 31’’x8’’ with 7 Lays Maple Deck Pro...
  • 【Durable Deck 】 ANDRIMAX Complete Skateboards use 7 Lays 31’L x 8’W x 4’H Canadian Maple Provide More Stability and...
  • 【High Quality Smoothly Pu Wheels】ANDRIMAX Skateboards use 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu Wheels with Strong Grip,Easy Fit on...

It’s a hoax to believe that it’s unwise to invest in any of the complete skateboards under 50. And we’re here to clarify that delusion of yours with this ANDRIMAX skateboard. How can this no-slip and waterproof skateboard live up to all these expectations?

Let’s see!

This distinguished durable deck comes in 7-layered Canadian maple wood with enhanced endurance in a remarkably comfortable foothold and an optimized weight load of 220lbs. This is why it’s known as the best complete skateboard for adults and kids.

Hence, if you’re willing to street skate, pivot, or commit sharp turns – go ahead and have fun as your tries will never fail with its waterproof and no-slip technology. This also means that it guarantees eminent safety.

The complementary wheels on these are PU-formed, 53mm, and with an unmatchable grip that can take on any road. And to match that, the construction has an ABEC-11 bearing too.

Its multi-user-friendly installation and features can be a fantastic accomplice for all adults and kids. So, if you’re confused about what to gift your nephew on Christmas, go and grab these!

7: Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | 27.5" x 7.5" | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck - Designed for Kids, Teens and Adults (Light-Bulb)
  • MADE BY SKATERS All of our boards are designed by skaters and inspired by our location in Southern California, the birthplace...
  • SUPER PORTABLE Designed to be fun to ride and easy to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere....
top complete skateboard

These Magneto skateboards are pretty comparable to longboards with a smaller, lighter, and thinner feel. But here’s the secret that nobody tells you. With mini cruisers such as these, you can travel at an undeniably higher speed than most other contemporaries.

Not only that, but you don’t even have the risks of going berserk without proper control over the speeding limit. The mini cruiser lets its dearest riders have adequate and complete control even through complex turns, spins, and curves.

This is why it’s a top-favorite for daily commuters, and yes, we mean adults and kids both! At first look, you will notice that the bamboo board has a sleek sand-grit polish along with double kicktails, which comes in handy if you’re severely into flips, Ollies, mannies, and pivots.

But that’s not it. It also comes with a wheelbase of 18.5″ and wheels of 60x51mm. Moreover, the wheels are smartly covered with high-quality SHR PU material.

This intelligent innovation makes sure that you can speed up while being safe. The PU material is resistant to high friction and rougher patches on roads. So, you’re safe while riding at all times.

It’s petite, it’s cute, and it’s rigid. At this price point, exquisite craftsmanship and convenience – nobody else can win this cruiser race.

8: Gonex Standard Skateboard

Are you an abrasive skater? Having difficulty bagging your one, true, ride-or-die skate that can withhold and keep up with your harsh skating skills?

But don’t worry, we’re here to finally present you with a skateboard that’s as ruthless as you!

The rigid structure in this Gonex skate is a blessing for its 31 x 8″ and nine layers of maple wood that also works side by side with the top-quality abrasive cloth. Needless to say, these are incredibly sturdy and durable. Some users even claim that its long-lasting lifetime is unbeatable. Moreover, the ABEC-7 bearings of carbon steel and 50mm PU-wheels are enough to let you slide into any park or road as you own it.

Gonex Standard Skateboard for Kids Teens Beginners, 31 x 8 Inch Double Kick Concave Complete Skate Board for Boys Girls Adults with 9 Layer Maple Deck,...
  • RIGID CONSTRUCTION: 31 x 8 inch 9 layer maple skateboard contains high quality abrasive surface, 85A PU casted wheels (50mm...
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: 50mm anti-shock 85A PU wheels, rapid speed ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings and high rebound PU bushings...

But you see, that’s not all that these strong wheels and bearings do. These conjoined let you pose an excellent grip and stability. And due to such unmatchable quality, you can ride atop any rickety or frictionless surface without hesitation.

Furthermore, it can take up to 220lbs of maximized weight load. The load-bearing ability combines with the deck’s shock-absorbing qualities to give its users a fashionable, casual and comfortable four-wheeler encounter.

As you can already tell, the Gonex skateboard isn’t only all about the look, but it also speaks volumes with its features.

9: Upgraded Skateboards

Skateboards for Beginners, 31"x8" Complete Skateboard for Kids Teens & Adults, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Wood Double Kick Deck Concave Standard and Tricks...
  • 🛹Solid & Durable: The board is 10mm thick and made of 7 layers of Canadian maple, maximum load weight up to 220 pounds,...
  • 🛹Smooth & Speedy: Super smooth (52mm,95A)High rebound PU wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A High rebound PU...
complete skateboard setups

Ryvorbe has done its name and brand a massive justice by launching its Upgraded Skateboards edition. Take a look at this beauty and fall in love with its well-rounded beginner-friendly specifications.

It’s no wonder that these have 7-layers worth of Canadian maple wood embedded deep within their manufacturing will provide unmatched durability and stability. At this point, we all know that, right?

These layers, along with the 5″ aluminum trucks, can take up to 220lbs weight limit that can reliably assist all beginners and professionals alike. The wheels are of 52mm size, PU-bushing, and 608, 2RS- bearings enduring high rebound functionality.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

You must also know what all these means. Any sort of ramp, pool, park, or commute-skating is more than welcome on these 2-in-1 skates. And as if that’s not enough, skaters also effortlessly travel on any bumpy ground.

Don’t break into a sweat. The anti-slip and waterproof functions provide extreme safety and dynamic grip and control for the riders.

So, you can go places, learn new tricks or even try out unique flip techniques. This black and white graphic printed skateboard will never stop you in any of that.

10: Ko-On Skateboards 22 Inch Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

First of all, how cool are the stickers on this Ko-On skateboard? Indeed, you must have never seen something as unprecedented as these. But let’s face it, we can’t barge this skateboard on you just based on some over-the-top-cool stickers, right?

Absolutely. Keep reading to know how it made it to our list!

KO-ON Skateboard Complete Skateboards 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners Kids Boys and Girls (Shark)
  • 🛹 Durable& Sturdy: 22.05×6 inch full size design with 6 layers Canadian maple deck, supporting skaters up to 275 lbs. Our...
  • 🛹 Smooth& Fast: Super smooth 90A PU wheels with ABEC9 bearings and 95A High rebound PU bushing. Good bearings are...

The full-size design is 22.05 x 4.72″ with six layers of unique Canadian maple wood. Such properties are what allow the deck to uphold a maximum of 275lbs. However, that’s not it. The emery paper on this creation is anti-slip, waterproof, and poses a heat transfer mechanism to provide users with undivided safety and stability.

Fortunately, this mini cruiser is exceptionally lightweight. Thus, you can promptly transfer it to your neighboring park or even if you’re flying off in a jet. On top of having PU-wheels of 85A, 95A rebound PU-bushing and ABEC-9 bearings, this cruiser is convenient for too many reasons!

Let us tell you about its most unique and eye-catchy feature – the LED wheels. Yes, you read that right.

The wheels aren’t only fast, but these will light up due to motion and don’t utilize batteries. Excited to cause a rave amongst your friends? This is the perfect tool.

11: NPET Skateboards Complete

Lastly, we would like to present another stunner – the NPET, a pink and extremely adorable mini-cruiser for beginners. All pink and solid color-obsessed fanatics must unite and check these pre-assembled cruisers if you’re looking for higher compatibility.

The 22″ mini cruiser is extremely travel-friendly. Moreover, you can also fit it in your backpack. Just whip it out after school and get down to your ideal business.

NPET 22 inch Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners, Plastic Skateboard for Teens-Pink01
  • COMPLETE 22" MINI CRUISER SKATEBOARD - this fully assembled cruiser is designed for your convenience. Compact, Light-weight,...
  • 22" PLASTIC CRUISER - 22" Long x 6'' wide deck, 78A smooth PU Wheels, ABEC-7 high Speed Bearing. Max Load-Bearing: 200 lb....

The unbeatable, top-notch performance in this comes from the ABEC-7 bearing speed, 78A PU-wheels, and 22 x 6″ deck. Luckily, its weight-bearing limits aren’t compromised either, as it can effortlessly withstand a 200lbs weight limit.

This goes on to say that the deck is very sturdy. The polypropylene, non-slip deck adds immeasurable safety and stability to user’s ventures. And to everyone’s delight, these skateboards remain stubborn about being every rider’s proper fit at all times. Yes, we mean amateurs, advanced, and professionals!

Here’s a pro tip: If you have a kid who has recently taken an interest in skateboarding, do not delay on this deal. It comes in six colors; hence, pick your beloved’s favorite color and hop on to filling your shopping cart.

Trust us, neither you nor your kid will ever regret this investment.

how to choose the best complete skateboard

How Do I Choose the Best Complete Skateboard?

How to know that your investment in a complete skateboard wouldn’t go in vain? Good question.

With our buying guide of the top complete skateboards, you can become an expert buyer. Here’s a pro tip before we begin: You must know the purpose of your skateboard. Some users purchase it to learn, others to accomplish the latest tricks, and so on.

Once you know your priorities, the decisions will come easier. Let’s dive in.

  • Wheels: Complete skateboard with soft wheels are a huge win-win. However, you can also look for harder and smaller wheels to function smoothly on more rigid surfaces. Rather than generic skateboards, cruisers come with softer and larger wheel sizes that can perform magnificently on bumpier and rickety surfaces.

You must consider the material and size of the wheels wisely. If you notice the durometer, you will comprehend if your wheels are tough or soft. Usually, PU-constructed wheels have 99A durometers. As the ratings on the durometer go higher, the harder the wheels will be.

If the skateboard has large wheels, it will skate at high speed and vice versa. The generic wheel sizes are about 50mm – 75mm. Opt for larger wheels if your aim is to cruise and small wheels for practicing.

  • Deck Width & Length: If your deck is too concise, you will have an unmanageable time staying upright. An ideal measurement would be 7.5″ – 8.5″ for maximum comfort. Again, this trickles down to your style and approach to skating. Thus, choose accordingly.

If your board is narrow, it will be longer and vice versa. Usually, users grab a length between 28″ – 32″ for enhanced inability to practice and perform tricks.

  • Budget: Willing to purchase a skateboard that won’t break the bank? Who doesn’t wish the same? Well, the good news is that you can find the cheapest deals and bag some of the good complete skateboards under 50. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Any other standard, high-end skateboard must cost you at least about $200. If your budget board allows you with more cost benefits, opt for any of the best complete skateboards under 100.

Set a specific budget as the features, quality, and skateboard capacities are never compromised, no matter which side of the price range you sway.

  • Material: You have hit the jackpot if your skateboard is constructed with top-notch aluminum, resin, and wood material. Make sure that the board is sturdy and has zero chances of snapping amidst riding.
  • Bearings: If your skateboard is the smoothest ride in the room – Congrats, your bearings are doing their job efficiently. The composition of ceramic and stainless steel are profoundly durable and affordable. If you lubricate them routinely, you’re going to get tremendous value out of the deal.
  • Trucks: If your ride requires more stability with smaller wheels, lower your trucks. For cruising, pair larger wheels and higher trucks.

Remember: If your trucks are durable, you have yourself a long-lasting skateboard. You must also cross-check the height of the trucks before purchasing.

Can I Replace Parts Later If I Purchase A Complete Skateboard Now?

Yes! You can easily swap and replace parts of your complete skateboard. All the best complete skateboards for beginners are constructed with features that can be easily taken apart with skate tools. Even better, skaters don’t have to go out of their ways and take it to a professional to get a part fixed or replaced.

With the advancing months, if you see any signs of scrapes, concave spots, bumps, or irregularities, go ahead and replace the parts if you have to.

Custom Or Complete Skateboard, Which One is Better For Street Skating?

Frankly, labeling either custom or complete skateboards as the best for street setup skating would be an actual crime. The only judging factor here would be how well you’re progressing at street skating.

Complete skateboards are super friendly to beginner skaters. Thus, it’s safe to say that if you’re casually strolling the streets or operating elementary tricks, you’re good to go.

On the contrary, you can go all out with custom skateboards. This means that you can specifically transform your skateboard according to the tricks you’re willing to pull off.

Therefore, there’s no definite winner to this. You can change or opt for a skateboard based on your skills and the street style you’re performing.

Can I Do Tricks With A Complete Skateboard?

The most-liked catch with our complete skateboards 2021 review is that they are all safe for performing tricks. Not only are these safe, but they can swiftly pull off any mid-ranged and primary level of tricks. And even accompany you in your daily commute.

good complete skateboards for beginners

If your trucks, bearings, bushings, and skateboard wheels are in top-tier condition, nothing should stop you from performing and practicing your desired tricks and flips. These are renowned as good complete skateboards for beginners because they can adapt to amateur practices and learning.

Besides, if you buy any complete beginner skateboards, you can even modify and replace the parts as you progress on your mastery level. Our selected Arcade Pro and CCS skateboards are suitable for tricks. If you buy these you don’t need to replace any part of the board.

Is the Complete Skateboard Suitable For Kids?

Complete skateboards are safe for kids. Especially if you have less knowledge of assembling yourself, hop on to a local skateboard shop or online and grab any of the best complete skateboards on amazon.

Check the physical properties of the skateboards before hitting them off. The trucks on the complete deck should match and fit the wheels properly while having enough clearance not to cause any hazard to the rider while steering.

The complete skateboard for beginners also allows for other replacements and modifications of the parts if the need arises. Lastly, pick the right width size and protective gear for your child’s safe exposure.

Maintenance Tips for your Complete Skateboard

You must wrap your head around a few tips and tricks to maintain your complete skateboard. It will keep your skate looking fresh and deliver you long-term performance.

A few materials that you will need to prolong your skate’s lifetime are bearing lubricant, methylated spirit, bearing clean-off, sandpaper, and skate tools.

First off, you must sand the edges of your skateboard. This will eradicate any chips and rough areas. Never over-sand your skateboard as that will risk your skateboard becoming misshaped.

Next, you must clean your bearings. Pop out all four bearings and take them in a container. Fill the box with methylated spirit until the bearings are completely submerged and cover the top. Shake the container for around 30 seconds. Take the bearings out and let them dry.

Drip two drops of bearing lube into the bearings and spin the bearing between your thumb and pointer finger so that the lube goes all around the bearing. And you’re done!

Few other uncomplicated maintenance tips would be:

  • Store them in dry storage.
  • Don’t skate in wet areas.
  • Clip off peeling grip tapes.
  • Don’t be too harsh with your deck.
best complete skateboard for adults


  • Who makes the super complete skateboards?

CCS complete skateboards have never disappointed their users. They make pretty decent decks with super affordable price rates. The skateboards are usually pretty reliable and sturdy and have an excellent return on value based on the buck spent.

You can check out a few more brands: Santa Cruz, Element, Enjoi, and Stoked Ride.

  • Where to buy the best complete skateboard?

You can get your hands on some of the complete skateboards at Amazon, Zumiez. A few of the brands to check out are ATM, Darkstar, and Zero. If you’re in a hurry and want a few online options, you can check out Punisher, Quest, Minority, and Ten Toes Board Emporium.

  • How much is a good complete skateboard?

A complete generic skateboard should cost anywhere between $50-$150. However, the price point might also vary depending on the trucks, wheels, and deck. For beginners and first-time users, you could try opting for a completely blank deck skateboard with the correct size. It will save you a ton of money.

  • Why are complete skateboards cheap?

Complete skateboards are often cheaper as they don’t need personal assembling. Pre-assembled skateboards are not any different than the cheaper or more expensive ones. It’s beneficial for beginners to purchase pre-assembled, complete skateboards as they might not to how to put all the pieces together during assembling.

  • How long does a complete skateboard last?

It depends on how often you’re skating, the tricks and style you opt for. A deck can last around two weeks to about six months. However, if your focal point of skating is only on mini ramps, it should last a good few years. On the other hand, technical skaters can wear out their deck within one week.

Last Word

We have delved deep into finding the best complete skateboards. And to your absolute luck, we scored them based on key features, compatibility, and buyer’s rating.

More than the skateboards’ specifications, it would take a heck of a lot time to put your trust in them. Let’s face it; skating with the gnawing pressure that your deck might snap in two is everyone’s worst nightmare. Thankfully, you can finally say bye-bye to such anxiety with our list!

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