Everthing You Need to Know About City Heights Skatepark

Skateparks are always required for skating. Skateparks give different facilities, and at the same time, one can train himself to perform different tricks using skateboard. The skateparks always include some instruments.

City Heights skatepark is a small park located in the part of Park De La Cruz Park. Well, for skate parks, bigger space is needed, but city heights park is a smaller one. Still, it provides better surroundings and better benefits than other parks.

Let’s go through some of the details of the city heights skate park.


City Heights Skatepark Overview

City Heights skatepark is located in a smaller part of Park De La Cruz. It is located3901 Landis Street in San Diego, CA 92105.

Most of the skateparks are bigger in size. But city heights park is a smaller park as there was not much space left on the Park De La Cruz. The left space was used to create this Park.

It cost over $900 to build this field. Although it is small, it comes with so many facilities.


The skatepark, apart from instrumental facilities, also provides a smooth field. The field is smooth like butter, where you can slide all you want.

One will not feel any interruption while skating even though the Park is small. There is enough space for skating.

The skatepark also comes with different instruments that will help one to perform tricks. Also, it will help one to maintain a stable posture while skating.

The Park has a boardslide yank out, which helps to perform tricks. There is also a bowl at the end of the Park.

One can use this bowl for stable skating and tricks. Well, it is still fun. Make sure to not flip with too much force. It may cause injury. Do proper practice before that.

There is also a frontside bluntslide. This is one of the heaviest slides one will ever find. It is also called the king of all slides. Here while using this slide, wheels are kept on the top of the ledge. This will help one to balance one pair of wheels.

You will see also kickflip bumps on the skatepark. That will lead you to skate safely and help you to maintain a proper balance. Also, one can regain the proper posture immediately while using bumps as a practicing material.

All these materials will help to improve your tricks. Practicing with proper guidance would be the best. Without guidance, the chance of getting injured becomes bigger.

There are also restrictions as one will need to wear a helmet and if needed, other safety materials. Children are not allowed there, so do not bring them.

Hours and cost

The skatepark is literally covered with lights back and forth. One can even skate at night as the Park provides proper lighting. The city skatepark lights are sufficient in amount, you can guess it by seeing.

Opening hours – 10 AM to 8 PM

Cost– Free.

Well, the time may vary according to the off days. Overall, the Park can provide you with a happy skating experience. So, enjoy skating.


Final Remarks

The skatepark should always be a likable one providing all facilities. In order to perform perfect tricks, one may need hours of practice. City-height skateparks may not be large and still provide satisfactory facilities to the skateboarder.

If the Park is near you or you are looking for a place where you can practice without any disturbance, city height park might be the place you are looking for.

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