cheap complete skateboards under $30

Quick Guide to Buy Cheap Complete Skateboards Under $30

Skateboarding has become a well-known sport in all developed countries, and it’s slowly developing into an international sport. Not only do people enjoy it, but it is a great way to stay physically fit. Additionally, it’s not expensive to get your own skateboard, especially if you’re a beginner.

You can get cheap complete skateboards under $30 with the best quality. Like anything, before buying a skateboard, you have a lot to consider, and you may worry that being cheap means it’s not guaranteed and is of low quality. However, there are affordable skateboards with the same outstanding features as the expensive ones.

Those cheap skateboards can be used for both downhill longboarding and rough road riding. So in this article, I will answer all of the questions that had troubled you before when you thought of buying a cheap skateboard.

Is $30 Cheaper to Build a Skateboard or Buy a Complete Skateboard?

If you are considering building a skateboard on your own, you need to consider how much you know about skateboards and skating. Custom making a skateboard requires accuracy in everything.

The most important thing to put in mind is your budget before deciding whether to buy or build your own skateboard.

For a beginner, it is not advisable to build your own skateboard. To start with, you should buy a complete skateboard that allows learning quickly. It offers less risk of breaking apart than a skateboard you build yourself; many things can go wrong in the making process.

Assembling and custom making your own skateboard from scratch are not only challenging but also expensive. It is very stressful even for pro skaters to search and buy from one shop to another for the best wheels, bearings, decks, a pair of trucks, grip tape, and a set of spacers. Thus it could be costly in the end.

A complete skateboard requires no assembling, and you can use it right away with no hobbles. You would also have to spend less money, time, and labor in just buying than building it.

You can get the complete best skateboard at under $40. It accommodates remodeling by adding more desirable designs and quality parts.

These cheap complete skateboards have all the main features; therefore are good skateboards for everyone. You can use it for downhill skating or cruising on rough roads with ease because it has strong wheels and a concave deck.

You may be a fan of custom-made, but you have to be peculiar with every detail and skateboard part for a skateboard. Therefore it is not cheaper to build a $30 skateboard, but it is easier to buy a complete skateboard.

How much should I spend on my first skateboard?

For your first skateboard, the price should be reasonably low, at most $50. And being a newcomer in the skating world would be reasonable to start low to not have any regrets. There are the best skateboards under $30 in different shops, offering additional features for your first skateboard.

These skateboards help with learning and progress in skateboarding to be well equipped for more diverse practices. They are strong and lightweight for an easy ride. Some of these can be packed easily in backpacks; thus being cheap can be advantageous.

Almost all valuable well-branded skateboards are cheap due to competition in the market; thus, you can buy a complete skateboard for under $30 with the best functions and maple deck. They are affordable and well within budget when you are a starter and when buying as a present.

Although cheap, they’re very durable and consist of some safety features for a good ride. An inexpensive skateboard is the best choice for your first experience to learn to control and show off your skills. Let’s take a look at two cheap complete skateboards under $30 below.

1. Retrospec Skateboards classic complete bearings, Penny board.


  • Material: plastic
  • Deck size: 22.5 inches × 6 inches
  • Wheel size: 60mm × 45mm
  • Bearings: Abec-7
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Special features: It comprises highly flexible plastic and well-castered wheels, which offer great durability and maneuverability.
Retrospec Quip Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22.5" And 27" Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard With ABEC 7 Bearings And PU Wheels Compact Board...
  • 22. 5" x 6" Injection-Molded 70'S-Style Retro Street Cruiser, Made With Highly Flexible Plastic
  • Ultra-Smooth-Gliding And Highly Flexible Polyurethane Casted Wheels Enhance Durability And Comfort While Skating

This skateboard is lightweight at about 5 pounds. It is also perfect as a cruiser skateboard as it had a durable deck size to ride with ease. You can go with it for long distances with great speed because of the amazing wheels. The Penny skateboard requires no assembling; you can readily ride on it.

The skateboard deck is concave, thus good for tricks on the road. It has 7 layers of pressed wood material. The wheels can work better on rough grounds and are made of polyurethane with enhanced durability.

User Experience

This Penny board is an affordable skateboard for kids, adults. It can go for high speed and is comfortable to ride on. If you are looking for a way to get around while burning fats, get a Penny skateboard.

It performs well and with great comfort. One can ride it on rough roads, so it’s an easy way of transport and improved balance and speed.

2. Scientory Bath-ball skateboard


  • Material: 9 layers of maple wood
  • Deck size: 31 inches × 8 inches
  • Wheel size:1 inches × 1.26 inches
  • Bearings: Abec -7
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds

Special features: the maple wood decks are so durable and have high density. They have a repair kit for when anything breaks. It has good speed quality and a double kick concave deck.

The Scientory skateboard is for all types of people, from beginners to professional riders. They have a high weight capacity of 220 pounds, thus good for adults and stout people.

This skateboard comes in handy with a repair kit. When you face any problems with the skateboard, you just take a repair kit with two screws for both wheels and trucks and fix your skateboard.

User Experience

This is one of the best cheap skateboards you can get at under $40. It is stable and smooth for good practice and easy its easy to use for beginners. It is complete and ready for use on buying.

Also, it has sturdy wheels and bearings for a smooth ride and speed. And the bearings give a more easy turn and spin to the wheels.

Guide to Buy Cheap Complete Skateboards under $30 

There are a few things you should keep in mind before buying cheap complete skateboards under 30$. Here they are:

  • For whom the skateboard

A complete skateboard means- it includes all the equipment like decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, etc. It often becomes tough to buy them differently, especially if you are a beginner.

If you buy a complete skateboard, you will get all the parts together. There will be minimum possibilities to make mistakes.

And you can also get them at a cheaper rate. So, it will save both your money and time. Moreover, it will help you run smoothly in a safe way.

  • Deck

Decks are a vital part of the skateboard. The safety of your skating depends a lot on them. The width of the decks mostly ranges from 7.5 to 10 inches.

For beginners, a conventional-shaped deck works more smoothly. The most preferred size for the desk is 8 inches long and 30 inches long.

If you like to skate streets, you should get a deck sized 7.5 to 8 inches. And if you want to skate pools or parks, buy a deck sized 8 inches or more.

  • Wheels

Wheel size matters when you are an expert at skating. Try to avoid cheap plastic wheels. Wheels sizes mostly range from 50 to 54 mm. Street skating wheels are lighter and smaller than the park wheels.

Street wheels are mostly 49 to 52 mm. They are easier to skate. And park wheels are of 54 to 60 mm. helping you skate faster.

  • Trucks

Trucks are used to hold the wheels onto the board. You also need them to turn and grind while skating. You should buy the trucks made of metal. Avoid purchasing plastic trucks, even though they are cheap.

When it comes to sizing, get a truck that matches your deck size, especially their width.

  • Bearings

While buying the bearings, you should think about your riding style and experience. They stay inside the wheels and help them turn. You can get suitable bearings at a low price.

There are mainly two types of bearings- steel and ceramic. If you are a beginner, then steel bearings will be the right choice for you. They will not hurt your wallet and are also relatively cheap.

Maintenance Tips for a $30 Skateboard

So, finally, you have chosen the preferred skateboard for you. Now you must be thinking about how to make it last longer. The durability of skateboards widely depends on how you are going to take care of them.

Maintaining a skateboard is relatively easy. It’s also essential as it helps your skateboard last longer. Here we will provide you some easy maintenance tips for your skateboard.

  • Try to keep the skateboards indoors. Don’t leave it outside or even in the cars. That’s because it can get damaged due to high temperatures.
  • Avoid your skateboards from getting wet. Especially keep it out of the rain. You have to store it in a dry place. Water can destroy the wooden deck as well as the steel bearings. It softens the deck and makes the bearings slow down.
  • Avoid scraping your tail on the ground as it will expand your board down.
  • Try to clean your bearings periodically. If the bearings make noise, lubricate them with oil. And if they don’t, lubricate them with grease.
  • Check for any cracks on the deck and trucks.
  • Periodically check the tightness of the screws that attach trucks to the board. Too much tightness can cause unnecessary stress on the board and break it down. On the other hand, too much loosening can cause widening the holes on the trucks and board.
  • Make your shoes clean before stepping on the skateboard. Also, prevent others from stepping on it.
  • Keep your skateboard away from muds or dirt. Especially avoid driving it on muds.
  • Inspect your skateboard occasionally if there is any sign of wear and tear.
  • Finally, protect your skateboard from getting lost or stolen. For this, you can put some marks on it. Or you can write your name on the bottom. In this way, you can identify your skateboard and provide proof if necessary.

If you can maintain the tips mentioned above, the durability of your skateboard will surely increase. So, try to follow the tips and make your skateboard last longer.


  • Is a $30 skateboard suitable for an adult?

Yes, the skateboards at $30 are suitable for an adult, like the ones above. They’re strong with varied skateboard deck widths for people of all ages. And the deck width is for all kinds of people from tall to short, stout to slim.

Whether you’re under a tight budget or want to test your skating skills, don’t hesitate to buy a skateboard for $30. You’ll then upgrade later on while you had enjoyed the benefits of an affordable skateboard.

  • Will you get a durable skateboard for under $30?

Durability is the most important advantage one has to consider when buying a skateboard. Cheap skateboards are durable with a concave skateboard deck style that can be used for tricks. You can find affordable and the best quality skateboard with pressed layers of maple wood.

Like the ones mentioned above, they have durable wheels with soft and spin for a long time because of the bearings. The Canadian maple is usually used for cheap skateboards, and it is a strong material that offers a lightweight.

The 7-PLY used in making some decks is flexible and strong. Therefore, they have all the features for durability, even at under $30.

Final Verdict

Overall, these complete best cheap skateboards under $30 mentioned above are mostly beneficial for beginners and also if you’re under a tight budget. They are easy to ride on, and you can even try all skating tricks with ease. They have been recommended by professional riders, and these skateboards are durable with varied designs to one’s wish.

Like most branded expensive skateboards, they offer the same wonderful features. The safety features it provides also make it easier for everyone to use it and enjoy the ride.

Therefore you can grab one for an environmentally friendly transport system and enjoy the ride with no regrets but enthusiasm for the game.

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