best longboard for carving and cruising

Best Longboard for Carving and Cruising in 2023 | Expert Opinion

  1. Magneto Bamboo Longboard Skateboard
  2. Phoeros 41-inch Longboard Skateboard
  3. SANVIEW Short Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Longboard riding has become the talk of the century. Skaters like cruising and carving which make skating so much fun. But to enjoy the fun, you need to have the best longboard for carving and cruising.

Carving and cruising with a longboard require to have a little bit of experience. But the trick is to select the carving and cruising longboard, which suits your riding style. So in this post, I’ve picked and reviewed the three best longboards that you won’t go wrong with.

Are Longboards Good for Carving and Cruising?

Carving involves turning successively from one end to another. You have to shift your weight at the right angle, at the right time. A longboard gives you enough space to maintain your balance while making turns.

Cruising is a more relaxed skateboard ride. The relaxation requires some stability and safety on your board. A longboard gives you space to be stable when cruising, giving you the most comfortable ride.

best carving skateboard

1. Magneto Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


  • Material: 3 Plies of Bamboo, 2 Plies of fiberglass
  • Deck size: 42″ by 9.”
  • Wheel size: 70mm by 53mm
  • Wheel durometer: 78a
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
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Magneto longboard’s strength and flexibility are outstanding. Its deck is a triple bamboo ply one combined with two plies of fiberglass. The deck profile is slightly curved upwards.

Its wheels are cut out for minimum wheel bite. The cruiser wheels offer a smooth durometer for carving and cruising. They are made from a quality SHR urethane.

The board’s trucks are made with heavy-duty, gravity-cast aluminum. It is a Paris-style aluminum with medium bushings, versatile for most terrain.

User Experience

This longboard’s design gives you stability and better performance while you carve. Its deck has a deep truck design for gravity and comfortable. It is termed “the ultimate carver” because you can carve up the road with it.

The board is said to a stable one for beginners. The curve helps to maintain speed with little effort. The material gives you some energetic feeling.

FAQ On Magneto Longboard

  • Can I replace the bearings?

Ans: Yes, you can. you should buy 8mm bearings if you want to replace them.

Ans: It comes with send grit finishing. So you can’t use grip tape.

  • What size is the length of the kicktail?

Ans: It is 4 inches.

2. Phoeros 41-inch Longboard for Cruising and Carving


  • Material: Canadian Maple
  • Deck size: 41″ by 9.5.”
  • Wheel size: 70mm by 51mm
  • Wheel durometer: 95a
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs
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If you are on the hunt for a board to glow with during your night ride, this is the one. Its wheels produce a gorgeous glow at night. The wheels are comfortable and of good quality.

The board has a beautiful deck design. The deck also has waterproof emery sandpaper on top to enhance your safety. The board is made in the USA, which guarantees its quality.

Phoeros Longboard Skateboards use thicken painting aluminum alloy trucks. This gives them a strong balance and stability. The truck has a high rebound for more comfort and safety.

User Experience

The design of this board makes you want to skate every day. Its wheels are so high that they give you good comfort when cruising. The eight layers of Canadian Maple gives you more stability and safety. Its deck enables you to hold both feet on it when cruising.

The board has a good balance that is perfect for starting skaters. If you have a kid who loves skating, this is the board to buy. The deck’s surface is a non-slip, stable one, even for kids.

FAQ on Phoeros

  • Are these glowing wheels?

Ans: No, they are normal wheels.

  • Is it suitable for dancing as well?

Ans: I think no.

  • Can I  claim a warranty if I find a defect?

Ans: Yes you can. They offer 6 months warranty

3. SANVIEW Short Bamboo Longboards For Carving & Cruising


  • Material: 7 Plies Canadian Maple and 1 Ply Bamboo
  • Deck size: 42″ by 9.5.”
  • Wheel size: 70mm by 51mm
  • Wheel durometer: 95a
  • Weight capacity: 260 lbs
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The board is very comfortable and sturdy. It has a unique design and many cool color options. The deck has high quality with good graphic designs.

The mixture of Canadian and Bamboo makes this board durable. And the deck has a decent size for longboarding. It is in the shape of a drop by providing a low center of gravity.

Also, the bearings of this board measure nine on the ABEC scale. This signifies exceptional quality on your board.

User Experience

The longboard skateboard is reasonably cheap. It turns very sharp with comforting stability. The material is waterproof, which makes it safe in the rain.

The wheels are perfect for both cruising and carving. They have a good rebound. The low center of gravity enables more stability when cruising.

FAQ on  Sanview Longboard For Carving & Cruising

  • What is the weight limit of the longboard?

Ans: 7.3 Lbs

  • Is it suitable for a 9-year-old boy?

Ans: I think no. If you are looking for a longboard for kids Check our article longboard for 10 years old

  • Can I do tricks with it?

Ans: I will not recommend it.

If you don’t like the see check the longboard under $150


  • What longboard is best for cruising?

Ans: The Phoeros 41-inch Longboard Skateboard is considered the best longboard for cruising. It has a robust and flexible material that gives you comfort when cruising. The board has a large deck space to provide you with balance when cruising.

The wheels are also comfortable for cruising. The wheels also give you the maximum rolling speed needed for cruising.

  • What type of longboard is best for carving?

Ans: The best longboards are commuter-style top mount boards. They have a mid-sized deck, a range of 32-42″. They have lots of wheel space suitable for tight turning since the deck doesn’t cover the wheels.

Because of these features, they offer high leverage over wheels offering the best carving experience. The Vanguard and the Icarus are examples of longboards designed explicitly for carving because of their large wheels.

  • What is the difference between cruising and carving on a longboard?

Ans: A cruising longboard ride is a relaxed one. It’s riding slowly down the road or roaming around the streets. Basically, cruising doesn’t involve speeding or freestyling.

If you want to understand what carving is, relate it to surfing. These two are similar as they both involve quick turns in an S-like curve. Carving requires you to maintain speed and momentum.

Final Verdict

Overall, choosing the best longboards for carving and cruising tricky. It requires you to consider many issues. But if you are looking for a board that fits all age groups, go for the Phoeros 41-inch Longboard Skateboard.

This board stands out to be a top pick as it suitable for both adults and kids. It has an insanely beautiful design with an irresistible glow.


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