best black friday skateboard deals

Best Black Friday Skateboard Deals in 2023

Are you looking for the Best Black Friday Skateboard Deals in 2022? If “Yes” then you are in the right place. I have tried my best to list all of the lucrative skateboard deals on this Black Friday.

Skateboarding is fun always. We always try to save some cost whenever we buy anything. I don’t know about others but I do follow this. If you are one like me, you should get your favorite skateboard on this Black Friday.

black friday skateboard deals

RiderIntro always talks about the skateboard. So my task is to help you to get skateboards that are well enough to ride. I will not suggest the skateboards that will break down within few days.

In my list, I have kept all of the skateboards that have good customers review and user experience. Let’s check what are they-

Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete | Canadian Maple Wood Deck w/ 5.5 Inch Aluminum Alloy Trucks for Commuting, Cruising, Carving & Downhill Riding
  • ALAMEDA SKATEBOARD: A sturdy and reliable 31x8 inch 7-ply Canadian Maple Skateboard deck features high rebound polyurethane...
  • DURABLE BUILD: 5.5-inch aluminum alloy trucks with carbon steel kingpins and high rebound polyurethane bushings are designed...
Best Beginner Complete Braille Skateboard Includes Skate Tool, Stickers & Poster (8.0)
  • Skateboard complete wheels 54mm - 99A | Trucks black 5 Inch/127mm | Bearings ABEC 7 (high quality & fast) | Grip tape OS780...
  • The perfect inexpensive complete skateboard with high-quality components. Great for learning how to skateboard and good...
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Natural Wood 7.50" - Maple Wood - Professional Grade - Fully Assembled with Skate Tool and Stickers - Adults, Kids, Teens,...
  • Wheels: 52mm, 100a Durometer (hard), WhiteTrucks: 109mm (small size for mini deck), Raw Silver -Bearings: ABEC 7 (high...
  • With its classic symmetrical shape, our board is great for cruising and tricks. The maple wood is high quality and gives you...
Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch
  • Complete High Quality Double Kickboard Skateboard made from 31.5" x 7.75" 7-Ply Canadian Maple.
  • Mild Concave Skateboard Deck Profile for Superior Control While Riding, Turning, and Doing Tricks.
Magneto SUV Skateboards | Fully Assembled Complete 31" x 8.5" Standard Size | 7 Layer Canadian Maple Deck | Designed for All Types of Riding Kids Adults...
  • MADE BY SKATERS All of our boards are inspired by our location in Southern California, the birthplace of longboarding. We...
  • SKATE UTILITY VEHICLE The SUV boards are designed to be versatile, making them perfect for a little bit of everything. Park,...
SereneLife Complete Standard Skateboard Mini Cruiser - 6 Ply Canadian & Bamboo Maple Deck Complete Double Kick Skate Board W/ 5" Aluminum Trucks - for...
  • suitable for all levels: this trick skateboards for kids, teens, and adults can support more advanced skate tricks such as...
  • smooth skating: these standard skateboards with double warped design are equipped with high-quality smooth pu wheels 60 x...
SkateXS Personalized Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard
  • Your Skater's name on their very own Skateboard - Click SkateXS above to see all personalized and standard beginner...
  • Made by Skateboarding Parents - just for Kids; Custom assembled in USA
Penny Australia, 27 Inch Cactus Wanderlust Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard
  • 27" deck with waffle non-slip deck
  • Premium Abec 7 stainless steel bearings & high tensile bolts
SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard
  • Click SkateXS above to see all personalized and standard beginner skateboards - Panda, Pirate, Starboard and Unicorn
  • Made by Skateboarding Parents - just for Kids; Custom assembled in USA

Best Black Friday Longboard Deals

A longboard is an updated version of a skateboard. It almost looks like a skateboard but different in size, shape, wheels, trucks, etc. For example, the most common shape of a skateboard is concave whether most of the longboard decks are straight and long. In addition to this skateboards come with hard wheels but longboards come with soft wheels for long-distance cruising.

Besides riding skateboard some people love to ride longboards as well. That’s why I have compiled the list of the longboard now. Let’s check what are they-

Black Longboards Collection. Maple Longboard Skateboard Complete for Cruising, Carving, Freestyle, Dancing, Downhill, Freeride (Samurai)
  • Suitable for All-Skaters: Made of Exotic Brazilian Rosewood Deck and Canadian Maple Core, 38" Long x 9.75" Wide. Custom...
  • Comfortable Kick: The Samurai's combination of a Drop Down Deck and Drop Through Trucks and Laser Cut Grip Tape makes for a...
MBS All-Terrain Longboard
  • 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast with 78A super-high-rebound urethane for a perfect balance between speed...
  • 190mm Navigator Drones trucks guarantee precision turning
Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard - 39" , Woody
  • Wheels: MBS 100mm x 65mm all-terrain wheels cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane for a perfect blend of on-road speed...
  • Deck: sturdy maple-lam drop deck keeps your center of gravity low for pushing and off-roading
Glider Collection | 40" x 9.25" | Premium Longboard Skateboard | Large Big 100mm Wheels | Bamboo Deck with Hard Maple Core | Cruiser Carver | Fully...
  • MADE BY SKATERS All of our boards are inspired by our location in Southern California, the birthplace of longboarding. As...
  • LARGE WHEELS & SMOOTH RIDE The large diameter 100mm x 25mm urethane wheels allow these boards to get over almost any terrain,...
Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)
  • Full maple laminate deck
  • Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks (245mm axles)
APOLLO Longboard Skateboards - Premium Long Boards for Adults, Teens and Kids. Cruiser Long Board Skateboard. Drop Through Longboards Made of Bamboo &...
  • 🛹 39” BAMBOO & FIBERGLAS: The BALI is equipped with a solid, medium-sized 39 inch deck for high flexibility when...
  • 🛹 BALI - PICK THE RIGHT BOARD: This symmetrical Twin Tip Drop Through is perfect for beginners just joining the exciting...
White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard. Ideal for Cruising and Carving Fun. Longboard for Adults & Teens That is Great for Beginners, Intermediate, or...
  • Suitable for Adults & Teens Skaters: 38" Long x 9.75" Wide. A multi-layered Bamboo deck with Canadian Maple core. The 10-Ply...
  • White Wave Warrior: An easy to ride adult longboard with Drop Through Trucks and Drop Down Deck. This cruiser board is great...
Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Made for Adults, Teens, and Kids (Blue)
  • MADE BY SKATERS - All of our boards are designed by skaters and inspired by our location in Southern California, the...
  • VERSATILE BOARD - 44-inch Longboard Skateboard designed for cruising and skating around town. Kicktails make this board super...
Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser | Bamboo & Canadian Maple Wood Cruiser w/ Reverse Kingpin Trucks for Commuting, Cruising, Carving &...
  • ZED LONGBOARD: Our freshest longboard nods to the 1950’s makeshift backyard longboards with its classic surfboard shape and...
  • ANTI-BITE TECHNOLOGY: Avoid wheel bite at all costs. In fact, put it in the back of your mind. We put ease-of-ride #1 by...

Black Friday Skateboard Deals Uk

Are you from the UK? I know the people of United Kingdom also love to ride skateboards and longboards. I have a few friends who are enthusiasts of skateboarding. That’s why I have listed the Black Friday skateboard deals UK in the content as well. Are you in a hurry, let’s check what are they-

Why do People Love to Buy Skateboards on Black Friday?

Ans: People love to buy a skateboard on black Friday because they get a skateboard at the lowest price.

What are the benefits of buying a skateboard on Black Friday?

Ans: There are many benefits that one can get by buying a skateboard on Black Friday. These are-

  • A way to get our favorite product at a discounted price.
  • Get several products at the lowest cost.
  • Sometimes manufacturers offer a special warranty on Black Friday Skateboard deals.
  • it stimulates the economy.
  • It is the biggest deal in the whole year.

Does Black Friday Comes Everyear?

Ans: Yes, Black Friday Deals come every year. You will get the deals every 26th November.

How long does Black Friday Lasts?

Ans: Black Friday is the only day. But the offer exists for few days.

Is Black Friday Cancelled 2022?

Ans: No, It is not.

How do you know when it’s Black Friday?

Ans: Black Friday is a prespecified day that comes in every year. So nothing to be confused about.

Which country does not participate in Black Friday?

Ans: There are some countries that don’t participate in Black Friday Deals. These are North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, etc.

Is Black Friday a business day?

Ans: No, it is a thanksgiving holiday around the United States.

skateboard deals on black friday

Tips to Get the Best Black Friday Skateboard Deals in 2022

To get the best skateboard deals on Black Friday, you have to follow certain procedures. I think these procedures will help you a lot get the most profitable deals for you. Let’s check what the step to follow:

Keep eye on ads and websites: to get the best deal you should keep your eye on ads on newspapers, internet and continuously should visit the websites to get the latest update on Black-Friday Deals. For example, you may check Amazon frequently to know about the best deal.

Do required research: Before taking a decision to purchase anything you should research before the Skateboard Black Friday Deals live on. You should do product research, price research, and compare one to another product to know which one is offering the highest offer on the holiday deal. It will help you a lot to get the best deal on the occasion.

Check early-bird shopping discount: Some giant E-commerce websites offer early-bird discounts before the deal is live on. This early-bird discount ensures the maximum discount we get from a product. If you can purchase or keep the product in a cart to buy, you may get a higher discount.

Check the store policy: To grab the best deal you should read the policies of the marketplace as well as a store to know how to get the highest discount. Carefully read through the all rules and regulations so that your chance is not missed by you.

Finalize your decision: After doing careful research, it is time to finalize your decision. In this step, you have to make a purchase to get the product at a discounted price.

These are the main steps you have to follow to get a skateboard at a discounted price on Black Friday


What Things Should I Consider Before Buying Skateboard on Black Friday Deal in 2022?

Know What You Need: If you don’t know what do you need, you may not choose the best product available in the market. For example, if you love skateboarding and want to get a skateboard then determine whether you want to do tricks or cruising with the skateboard. If you love to do tricks then choose a skateboard that is made for tricks. If you want to do cruising then go to the cruiser boards. So, determine your needs first before making the purchase decision.

Check User Experience:  The important thing you should check while you are going to buy a skateboard on Black Friday Deal is the previous user experience. I check that before buying any skateboard on this type of deal. Most of the time, you will get 70% idea about the product from the user experience.  I also share the products which I have used before and have a decent experience with that product.

Check Product Description: Before buying any products check reviews online as well as check the product description carefully on the product page. I always recommend checking everything before buying a product from any online shop. If you find any difference between the description and real product you may claim a warranty or make a complaint about it. So know everything before buying a product.

Check the Brand History: For becoming more sure about the product quality you may check the brand history of the product. The reputed brand always ensures product quality to keep the goodwill unaffected. So if you check the reputation of the brand you may find out whether you should buy it or not.

Skateboardoard Parts Related Things You Need to Check

Deck Size: Skateboard deck is one of the most important parts of a skateboard. Skateboard comes with several types of decks. They differed from one to one in shape, size, type.  For example, if you love to do tricks, you need to choose the concave shape deck because you will get more pop from it. If your shoe size is US men’s 8-9 then you should go with the 8-9 inch wide deck as you need more space on the deck. So deck shape and size must before buying a skateboard.

 Wheels: Skateboard wheels and penny board wheels are not. Skateboard wheels have a high durometer as they are made for tricks rather than penny board which is made for cruising. You must check the size and durometer before buying a skateboard.

If you are looking for a skateboard for tricks then 95A-101A durometer is recommended for you. The wheels are hard and can perform well while you are doing flip tricks, kickflips, ollie with your skateboard.

On the other hand, 75A-90A wheels are recommended for cruising and rough roads. They are soft compared to the skateboard wheels. We find this type of wheel on longboards and cruiser boards.

Trucks: Among the major 3 parts of a skateboard, Trucks are the third one. Skateboard trucks matter. Some trucks are made with aluminum and some are with silver. Aluminum-made trucks are more durable than silver ones. You should check it before buying the skateboard.  Tight trucks are suitable for tricks and loose trucks are suitable for freestyle riding.

These 3 parts are the major part of a skateboard. You must check these before buying a skateboard. There are some more essential parts for example bearings, bushings, grip tape, etc. If you don’t like the build of a complete skateboard you may build your custom setup. In that case, the price will be little bit higher as everything needs to be purchased separately.

But in that case, you can ensure the best parts are used to build your skateboard. For beginners, it is difficult to build custom skateboards, that’s why I recommend getting the complete skateboard always.

Some Cons of Black Friday Skateboard Deals

Besides many benefits, there exists some downside on Black Friday Deals as well. You should keep it in mind while you are doing shopping. These are-

  • Sometimes bad companies provide huge discounts to collect huge amounts of money by selling poor quality products. You have to be aware of it when you are in search of the best black Friday skateboard deals. that’s why I have said to check the reputation of a brand or user experience before buying a skateboard.
  • Unnecessary shopping: Some people do unnecessary shopping on BlackFriday. My recommendation is to not purchase anything that is not required. Get all instruments that you need must.

These are the main cons of a Black Friday but I think these are not a big deal if you can do proper analysis before buying a skateboard.  I think  you should keep in mind the point


Now you know about everything about the Skateboard Black Friday Deals. I have mentioned only the deals that ensure quality products. So I think you get no chance to make complaints if you buy a skateboard from my given list. Happy Black Friday!!!!

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