What is the Best Skateboard in the World in 2021

Are you in search of one of the best skateboards in the world? Maybe it is for your child who has taken a sudden liking to the sport. Or it could be for an expert adult who cannot put their board down. Either way, it is your probable priority to get the best the world has to offer.

In this post, I’m going to help you choose the board that is tailor-made to suit your needs. I will also equip you in a manner that will allow you to make an informed choice when picking the perfect board.

Read on, and I am confident you will gain precious nuggets of information that will help you choose only the best!

Skateboard World History

Skateboarding history dates back to the late 1940s to the early 1950s in California. By then, it was commonly known as sidewalk surfing, a sport that was practiced when the waves were flat. For nearly 100 years, skateboarding has been a recreational, transportation, and entertainment activity.

How Skateboarding Changed the World

Skateboarding has established itself from being an activity for just a small corner of the earth to a world-class sport. It has had a profound impact on even fashion itself. Oversized shirts, backward-worn caps, and even baggy jeans are all skateboarding-founded fashion trends.

Which is the Biggest Skateboard Park in the World?

Today, numerous parks stand dedicated to skateboarding as a sport. The biggest of them is Guangzhou Skate Park in China and is commonly known as an extreme sports heaven. It is 16900 square meters big and surrounded by 10 universities that house 160000 students and 20000 staff.

1. M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard


  • Material: Deck- Canadian maple wood, Trucks- Aluminum Alloy, Wheels- Polyurethane
  • Deck Size: 31 inches* 8 inches
  • Deck Layers: 7
  • Wheels: 52mm*32mm 95A wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 Bearing
  • Bushings: SHR 95A conventional bushings
  • Maximum load: 196lb
  • Special Features: Grip tape, thermal transfer printing, and skate tool is included.

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When looking at the best skateboard in the world, it is impossible to overlook this well-crafted M Merkapa 31″ skateboard. It comes fully assembled with an additional adjusting tool making it both easy to use and hassle-free.

What makes it better is it is a head-turner with its stunning design and thermal heat printing on the underside and considered the most handsome skateboard in the world.

This board is double kickboard is hard rock and made of seven Ply Canadian maple making it perfect for professional skaters. The full-length grip tape improves stability and prevents slips while skateboarding. It comes with a handy tool so you can easily make the necessary adjustments to enhance your comfort.

Better yet, the M Merkapa skateboard is made of durable parts likely to last for a very long time. It strikes an excellent balance between quality and affordability, making it one of the best in the market.

User Experience

This board delivers on promise as it comes exactly as advertised. It is an affordable, high-quality, nice-looking board, which is excellent for skateboard tricks. The ABEC 9 bearings allow smooth turning of the wheels, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride.

If you are a newbie, this board is a perfect choice and worth every penny. The grip tape is a bit hard but does not bother you much as it gives you a feeling of stability. The trucks, wheels, wide board, and overall design, are quite impressive, and the tool is convenient too!

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2. Scientoy Skateboard


  • Material: Deck- 9 ply Maple Wood, Trucks- Aluminium Alloy, Wheels- Polyurethane
  • Deck Size: 31 inches* 8 inches
  • Deck Layers: 9
  • Wheels: 2.1″*1.26″ 55mm 95A wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7 Bearing
  • Maximum load: 220lb
  • Special Features: Comes with a full repair kit and emery non-slip grip tape.

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If you are looking for a skateboard that couples great design with affordability and durability, this is the board. The great blue graffiti printed using thermal heat printing, and three high-quality paint layers look vivid and surreal.

It is perfect for all-level skateboarders of any age, making it a great gift idea for any skateboarding enthusiast. It is one of the most popular skateboards in the world

The nine-layer Maple deck is high density, stable, and can support an impressive 220lbs in weight. It had a waterproof emery grip tape that makes it sturdy and easy to handle for beginners. The fact that each wheel has 2 ABEC-7 bearings guarantees you a smooth and steady ride.

You will love the repair kit provided with the skateboard. It will help you avoid spending money to make minor repairs you can do yourself. Included in the kit are a multifunctional wrench, 2 wheel screws, and 2 truck screws. All in all, the Scientoy skateboard is a worthy investment.

User Experience

Any novice rider will love this uniquely crafted, affordable, and sturdy board. It is fast, easy to turn, and mastering its control is a walk in the park. The tool kit it comes with is handy for both repairs and making necessary adjustments to its trucks.

The Scientoy Skateboard is great for parents looking for a perfect gift for a child even as young as five years old. The emery grip tape provides friction between the board and shoes giving it a sturdy feel that kids love. The blue graffiti on the underside looks very attractive and does not erase easily. So it is a perfect skateboard for kids.

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How to Choose the Best Skateboard

Choosing a skateboard, especially if you are a nonprofessional in this sporting genre, can be a formidable task. best skateboard park in the worldThe market flooded with many boards claiming to be ‘just what you need,’ so making a choice is hard.

Here is a more detailed and straightforward buying guide to help you reduce the likelihood of getting disappointed after purchase or buying an unsafe board.

A skateboard is divided into several different parts. I will give you the ideal specifications for each part to help you choose the best skateboard for you or your child.

The Deck

This is one of the essential parts of a skateboard. The deck is the flat board you stand on when riding. The perfect deck will largely depend on who you want to get it for and its intended use. Elements to consider include the age, weight, and experience level of the expected rider.

Below are aspects to look at when picking the perfect deck.

1. Deck size

When picking the deck size, focus on the width, not the length or wheelbase. Most skateboard decks for adults are between 7.5 and 8.25 inches wide. Your ideal deck size is dependent on your height, preferred skating style, shoe size, and preferences.

Picking the correct deck size is very important, as the wrong size will make skateboarding unnecessarily tricky. A board too wide will cause you to need to exert more power in doing tricks, which is tiresome and difficult. If it is too small, it might give you balancing issues and be very unstable.

To give you a rough guide, here are a few measurements and ideal uses-

a)  6.5″ to 6.75″ – This is for children who are 102cm and shorter, aged 5 or around there, and wear shoe sizes 2 to 5.

b)  7.0″- The person should be between 102cm and 130cm. The approximate age is 6 to 8 years and shoe size 2-5.

c)  7.25″ to 7.375″ – This is for children between 9 and 12 who are between 13cm and 160cm tall. The shoe size should be between 6 and 8.

d)  7.5″-8″ – This is a standard adult board. It is perfect for doing complicated tricks. It is for people 13 years and older, 5.3″ and taller.

e)  8″ to 8.25″- Consider this size if you want to skate in a skating pool, ramp, rail, and parks.

f)  8.25″ and larger- this size is for pools, cruising, or general old-school skating.

2. Skateboard Deck Style

There are 4 basic styles of skateboard decks. The skateboard deck style depends on the type of skateboarding style you want to do. Buying the wrong deck style could prove to be problematic when skateboarding.

a) Shortboard

These boards are very short. Their shape and design are aerodynamic and ideal for tricks and styles. And this type is great for street or park skating.

b) Cruiser

While this board may have a kicktail, they are just for cruising. They are easy to control and versatile for long or short-distance riding in the streets.

c) Old school

An old school board is asymmetrical with a wide nose and is for kicktails and a flat nose. If you are leaning towards skateboarding in skating pools, ramps, or street carving, get one of these.

d) Longboard

For those that just enjoy the feel of being on a skateboard and pushing it around safely, this is a good option. Longboards are mainly for transportation, but there is a number also built for downhill racing. A typical longboard is asymmetrical, sits low to the ground, and has large wheels.

3. Wheelbase

It is the distance between your board’s inner mounting holes, and it determined the spacing between your wheels. There are boards with several mounting holes for trucks permitting you to adjust your wheel placement at will.

A board like that is good as you can adjust depending on your skill level and desired performance.

4. Concave shape

Skateboards’ concave shapes vary. It affects the performance of your board and influences the tricks you can execute. A concave board is a better option than a flat board as it gives you more foothold. This allows you to drift, slide, and turn with ease.

The type of concave board you opt for depends on your skateboarding style. Examples of concaves include radial, progressive, and W-concave. Before purchase, makes enquiries on the best concave for the skating style you have in mind.

Beginner skateboarders, however, should not worry much about this. Just find a board you feel is comfortable and feels balanced, and you are good to go.

5. Material

Canadian maple is the most popular material used in making decks. This is because it is top quality and very stable. It is a wise option, especially for beginner skateboarders and kids. Other alternatives include Bamboo, Baltic Birch plywood, fiberglass, and plastic.

Pre-assembled vs. Self Assembling

Assembling your board may be exciting and allow you to make precisely the board you want. Though the idea may sound enticing, it is not as easy as it seems. Very few skateboarders know precisely how to assemble a safe and functional board themselves.

Therefore it is best to buy a pre-assembled board then make adjustments as you go.

FAQ’s on the Best Skateboard in the World

  • Where is skateboarding most popular in the world?

There are several towns where skateboarding is popular, but the skateboarding capital is Los Angeles, California. This is only natural, as this is where skateboarding started. It also is where most skateboarding shops are.

  • What city has the most skateboarders?

Los Angeles, Califonia, has the most professional skateboarders. It has perfect sunny weather all year round, so most skateboarders favor this location.

  • Who is the number one skateboarder in the world?

Nyjah Huston is the number one skateboarder on the world tour rankings. His closest competitors are Paul Rodriguez and Chris Cole, who come second and third, respectively.

  • Which company makes the best skateboards?

There are several great skateboarding brands on the market. Top companies include Elemant skateboards, Girl skateboards, Zero skateboards, Creature skateboards, Blind skateboards, and Santa Cruz skateboards. Also included in this list are Almost skateboards and Chocolate skateboards

Final Verdict

In a world full of people eager to make quick sales, getting a board that will genuinely appease you is not easy.

I hope this article helped narrow down your options. The boards I highlighted are functional, affordable, and a great place to start if you are a beginner who is unsure of what to get.

Take your time to make your pick and follow the pointers in this article, and I am so confident you will make the right choice!

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