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For most skateboarders, a proper skateboarding session is never complete without some popping. If you share that mentality, you are probably looking for both the best pop skateboard and ways to increase your pop.

Join me as I explore this skateboarding art and help you make the right choice.

In this article, I will explain what skateboard popping is and give you all the information you need to ensure you get as many pops as possible.

What is Pop Skateboarding?

This is a popular stunt done by skateboarders when going over obstacles or performing tricks. The effect of kicking the tail of your skateboard down to the ground to propel the board into the air is the pop.

Pop skateboarding is popularly done in street skating and other skateboarding disciplines. Professional skateboarders are always on the lookout for ways to increase their pop on a skateboard as it enhances their performance.

How Do You Get More Pop on a Skateboard?

The main thing that determines the amount of pop you can get from a skateboard is the skateboard’s quality that you choose. However, quality without skill may prevent you from getting enough pop. To get more pop on a skateboard, here are a few tips you can apply –

  • Get your feet positioning right.

The way you pick your feet and position them determines the pop you will get. Issues, like not picking your feet high enough or simply positioning them incorrectly, can reduce your pop.

There is, however, no ideal positioning, so you have to make a personal choice on the matter.

One great position that increases pop is placing your front foot further below the bolts than you usually do. Then crouch down lower as well. To produce the pop and clear the obstacle, simply spring up, bringing both your knees to your chest.

  • Increase your speed

The faster you go and its the higher you go, and the better the pop. When going at a slow speed, your full weight is supported on the same point, making you go lower. Higher speed ensures that your board will take off more comfortably and go much higher with a pop as well.

  • Jump as high as you can

While it may seem like common knowledge, it has to be said. The higher you jump, the more pop you will produce. To help increase your jumping height, do exercises to strengthen your core muscles and legs. Strong muscles increase your vertical leap so you will jump higher.

Exercises that improve your legs’ strength include lunges, Step-ups, Level jumps, calf raises, and squats. For you to strengthen your calf muscles, you can do push-ups, squats, planks, back bridges, and hip lifts.

  • Buy a new deck frequently.

New decks will always have more pop than older decks. To get the best pop ever, try to replace your deck every 90 days. When the skateboard’s tail wears out, you are likely to get very little or no pop.

As mentioned earlier, to get the most pop, you have to a couple of skills with a great quality board. Below is the review of one such board.

1. Bamboo Complete Skateboard


  • Material: Maple and Bamboo hybrid deck
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 bearings
  • Sizes and Wheelbase: 7.75 inches, wheelbase 14 inches, 8.0*32 inches, wheelbase 14 inches, 8.25*32.13 inches, the wheelbase is 14,5 inches
  • Special Additions: All in one combination Y tool, Grip Tape

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With a standing reputation of producing the best skate decks since 2008, you can trust Bamboo skateboards to deliver. This high-quality maple and bamboo hybrid deck is one of their products that may be the best pop skateboard.

Not only it is affordable, but also it is very durable, stable, functional, and has just the right amount of flex.

The deep concave deck is ideal and allows even a novice rider to skate and pop like a pro. The deck is also lightweight and flexible, allowing you to nail complicated tricks without inflicting much damage to the board.

For nature fanatics, I am sure knowing that bamboo is sustainable and helps prevent maple deforestation is a welcome bonus.

The board comes unassembled with everything you need, including the deck, trucks, bearings, hardware, and grip tape.

In order to make the assembly process hassle-free, a free Y tool is included. Overall, if you are looking for a board with more pop, this is as good as it gets!

User Experience

This board is stable and perfect for a rider of any skill level. Its lightweight makes it more portable than most boards, which is great. Indeed, it has far more pop than most boards, and it is the best pop skateboard around.

If you are aiming to execute impressive skateboard tricks with a pop, this is a great choice. The board is flexible and strong and feels great when ridden. It is also easy to master even for a beginner. It is very durable as well as lasts longer than most maple decks!

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How to Pick Skateboard with a High Pop

Picking the best skateboard with pop is not easy. You should consider many factors. While the list is endless, I have compiled a number that you cannot overlook.

1. Prioritise quality

For a deck to have a high pop that lasts long, it must be well made and of high quality. Proper quality boards are pressed one by one to ensure that sufficient pressure is applied for the glue to stick to each ply.

Individual pressing also ensures that every ply is perfectly molded to the required concave shape.

Picking a high-quality perfectly molded deck ensures that very little or no energy is lost between the plies. Rather, all the energy is transferred onto the ground.

2. The lighter the deck, the better

A lightweight deck produces a high pop. This is because a light deck is easy to pick off the ground, which is an essential factor in determining pop. Most lightweight decks are made of composite materials, so opt for one with a carbon, maple, fiberglass, or bamboo combination. best skateboard with pop

Due to the complex nature of creating composite decks, getting one that is made correctly is not easy. To be on safe side, pick a board from a reputable brand like Powell Peralta, Almost Skateboards, and Bamboo skateboards. Lithe skateboards are also a great option.

Avoid getting a composite board from smaller brands as they are likely to be of low quality with decks that feel off.

3. Deck Material

  • Benefits of a Maple Deck

If you have looked up many skateboards, you will find that most manufacturers include maple, and this is for a reason. Its density is perfect for getting the best pop and executing skateboard tricks. Also, maple is malleable, allowing it to conform to the concave press easily.

  • Benefits of a Bamboo Deck

For a skateboard with the best pop, choose one with bamboo as one of the deck materials. Bamboo decks have great flex, are strong, and have lightweight.

They are also very durable and absorb shocks better than most other decks.

What makes bamboo even better than maple is its veneers are more elastic. This ensures that more energy is reflected in the round, making the board more efficient.

On the downside, Bamboo may be too flexible for most skateboarders.

  • Hybrid Decks

If you’re not sure about the best pick, go for the bamboo-maple hybrid. It has both the flex of the bamboo and Maple’s strength, making it comfortable for most riders.

Also, it feels like the standard skateboard, so you should get used to it in no time.

4. Get a board with a concave

Concave is the best skateboard shape for pop. A board with a steeper tail and nose gives more pop than a flatter one. This is because it gives you more advantage. A flatter board may give you more of a board feel but less pop.

There are 3 types of concave – low, medium, and high concave. Choose the one that feels better and more comfortable for you.

Are Pop Skateboards Suitable For Beginners?

While most beginners are unlikely to be worried about the pop function, getting the best skateboard for pop is not a bad idea. It all boils down to your tastes or preferences.

If you are a beginner, here are a few things you should note about pop skateboards. These pointers can help you decide whether a pop skateboard is suitable for you or not.

  1. Skateboards that produce the most pop are narrow

Narrow boards have less foot space than the more comprehensive alternative. This may make them uncomfortable for you and have less balance. Thus, your learning process may be slightly more complicated than it should be.

  1. Pop skateboards are lightweight.

The lighter the board, the less balance it has. This may make it hard for a beginner to ride, especially if it is a child or someone who is light. However, a light board is portable and not too bad if you are heavyweight.

On the brighter side, pop skateboards are high quality, superior materials, and more durable than other boards.

Maintenance Tips for Pop Skateboard

From what you have learned so far, I am sure you realize that the pop you will get from your board depends on your board condition. To always get the best board, it is essential to keep your board in the best possible condition.

Here are a couple of board maintenance tips you have to practice.

  • Store it in a clean and dry place

A dusty or wet storage place will result in your skateboard parts becoming rusty, and they will wear out prematurely. Also, do not leave it on the floor or in the trunk of your car. If possible, buy or make a skateboard rake to store it safely.

  • If possible, do not use your board when it is wet or raining.

The rain will damage your skateboard trucks, bearings, and more, reducing its efficiency when performing tricks and popping. Moisture causes bearings to rust since it absorbs all lubrication. This causes them to make a sound when you are skateboarding.

Another part of the skateboard that gets damaged by water is the deck. A skateboard deck can absorb water and get soggy, and when this happens, it loses its pop.

Besides, skateboard decks are made of several layers glued together. Continued exposure to wet conditions will result in delamination or separation of the layers.

  • Keep your skateboard bearings well maintained.

Your skateboard bearings should be kept free from dust, dirt, debris, and moisture. They also need to be kept well lubricated at all times. If your skateboard has open bearings, simply soak them in alcohol for at least an hour to clean them.

Make sure they are so clean and completely dry, then lubricate with bones speed cream or silicone lubricant. Sealed bearings need to have the shield removed first before you clean them. Use a razor blade to remove it.

  • Replace skateboard parts as the need arises

Continued usage of your board with a sub-standard part will result in the board being exposed to more damage than it should be, making it less durable.

  • Maintain the grip tape

The grip tape is on the skateboard deck, and it keeps your feet on the skateboard when riding. When it pills off, clip it back on. If it wears down completely, you do not need to replace the whole deck. Simply buy a new grip tape put is back forth.

  • Do not throw your board around.

Throwing the board around will damage it. It is essential to maintain the board in good condition, especially the tail part, to keep it popping.

  • Check all the parts of your skateboard before you start a skateboarding session.

This will prevent any part of your board from malfunctioning, causing damage to the entire board. Your hardware is one part you should pay particular attention to.

The hardware includes the bolts and nuts that attach your trucks to your deck and hose on your kingpin and wheels.

This will prevent nasty accidents that can cause damage to your board. It will also prevent you from losing parts as you skate, giving rise to unnecessary expenses.

  • Regularly check your bushings and replace them when they dry out.

With continued skateboarding, your bushings will eventually wear out. When you lean on your deck and steer, the bushings will lose their effectiveness. If the bushings look cracked, crumbled, or squished, replace them as soon as possible.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures – Hot or Cold Temperatures.

Extreme temperatures shorten the lifespan of your skateboard. Extreme heat mainly affects the wheels and bushings. It causes them to wear fast and deform. Hot weather also tends to bring more sand and dust, affecting the bearings, causing damage.

On the other hand, extreme cold can cause your bushings to freeze. Even though it may not be a big deal, it negatively affects your board’s performance, reducing your pops.

Final Verdict

Executing the perfect jump with a pop is a dream come true for most skateboarders. It could be a reality for you as well if you consider all the things mentioned in this article. The products reviewed are meant to guide you in making the right decision.

Take your time to go through each aspect. Remember, to get more pops, and you have to a couple of skills and knowledge with the perfect board. I hope this article will help you get the best popping experience!

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