The 7 Top Places to Buy Skateboards Online in 2023

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports all around the world. However, some people do it professionally, and some people do it as a hobby. But you have to master its strategy before skating. Besides, you have to buy a good and high-quality skateboard. You can also buy skateboards online at home.

However, you have to be conscious before buying skateboards online. Because there are many fake companies online selling bad skateboards. Thus, many people are worried before buying a skateboard online. So, I will reveal the best place to buy skateboards online through the article.

Is it Safe to Buy a Skateboard Online?

People always think about where to buy skateboards online. Also, feel hesitant to buy or not to buy. Yes, there are indeed many scams online. However, every company doesn’t like cheating or fraud online. Many organizations have been doing business with faith for a long time.

Moreover, you have to find a trusted store and buy from there. If you buy from trusted online companies like Amazon, Zumiez, and Tactics, you are safe. So, you have to avoid buying products from unknown companies to save money.

best place to buy skateboards online
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What are the Best Places to Buy Skateboards Online?

Due to scammers, it is challenging to do shopping online. Besides, skaters always find the best skateboard to do stunts and get the best performance. Thus, you have to buy the best skateboard from the best online company.

However, I have listed the seven best places to buy complete skateboards online after much research. In other words, you will get every type of best skateboard from there. You will also find most skateboards at an affordable price. So, let’s dive into the list of best places.

1. Amazon

Amazon to buy skateboard online shop

Amazon is one of the best e-commerce stores in the world. You will get all types of products here. This company was founded on July 5, 1994. If you find a trusted online store, Amazon will be the first one on the list. It is also trusted all over the world. Besides, you will get high and low price products from Amazon.

Now, let’s come to the skateboard. If you want to buy a quality product, Amazon is the best place to buy skateboard online. Here, you will also find a longboard. On Amazon, you can get an elegant skateboard. However, Amazon is updating with trends. That’s why you can easily find trendy models and skateboards.

Let’s talk about the price—Skateboards price up to and down depending on the quality. Here, you can find skateboards below $25. And also, get a skateboard above $500. That means you don’t have to think about the budget. Skateboards are cheap to expensive, but the quality is good.

Most of the people buying skateboards from Amazon are satisfied. So, if you want to buy a skateboard online, you can purchase this from Amazon without any worries. Many products also give you free return opportunities.

2. Zumiez

Zumiez is an American multinational company. This company was founded in 1978. However, Zumiez is a retailer of male and female apparel, footwear, and other accessories. There are also available elements of skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross.

Where To Buy Skateboards Online

Zumiez headquarters are located in Lynwood, Washington. For the last 43 years, this company has been doing business with success. So, you can buy products from Zumiez undoubtedly.

Besides, you can find all skateboard-related products at Zumiez. You can get not only skateboards but also to get other products involved with skateboarding. To clarify, you can find everything like skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, and many more. However, Zumiez always tries to give quality products. Their goal is to provide maximum satisfaction to a customer.

Now, let’s check the prices. Zumiez skateboard prices are available at affordable prices. Its price range is mid-range. In other words, the price is neither too low nor too high. Besides, you can get free shipping.  You can also buy a standard skateboard for $200 from Zumiez.

Moreover, buying a skateboard from Zumiez is your choice. Everyone wants to buy quality skateboards at a reasonable price. And Zumiez is the perfect place for fulfilling this demand. So, Zumiez will be your best platform to purchase skateboards online.

3. Tactics

Tactics is one of the best places to buy complete skateboards online. It was established in 1999. However, they sell skateboards and snowboards online. Currently, they have a physical store. In 2005, Tactics opened its first store in Eugene.

best place to order skateboards online

Now, they have stores in Bend and Portland. However, they sell skateboards, snowboards, shoes, and many other accessories. Besides, Tactics have been doing business with faith for a long time.

Moreover, the online shop sells a big brand deck and complete skateboard. Top brands are enlisted here like Real, Baker, Powell, and April. However, they don’t sell just skateboards. They also sell skateboard-related elements like decks, trucks, wheels, gear, and many accessories.

As they sell the top brand products, you can get quality products from here. And the big reason is tactics are very popular in online stores. So, you can take the products safely from them.

Furthermore, all skateboards from them are affordable for everyone. You can get products from them at both a low and high price. However, if you order more than $60, you can get free shipping within two days. So, Tactics might be the best choice to purchase a skateboard online.

4. Warehouse Skateboards

Warehouse skateboards is a top-level online store for skateboards. In 2004, warehouse skateboards were founded. Mike Duncan is the founder and president of this company.

best place to buy complete skateboards online

However, you can find skateboard-related accessories. You can also find complete skateboard packages from here. Besides, they only work with skateboards. Thus, you can get updated skateboard products.

Moreover, most people like elegant design skateboards. And also, look for a trendy skateboard. But most online stores are not updated. However, Warehouse skateboards give you these benefits. They focus on providing quality products with attractive designs.

Besides, you can get a skateboard ramp, rails, junk drawer, glove box, etc. You can also find packages of complete skateboards.

However, price varies on its quality. You can get both low and high pricing skateboards. To clarify, you can get good products for $100-$200. If you order more than $89, you will get free shipping opportunities. And also, get free grip tape on all decks.

If you want to update with trendy designs, you can take warehouse skateboard products. Because they try to give all the latest skateboards. So, buying from Warehouse Skateboard will be a good decision for you.

5. SkateDeluxe

SkateDeluxe is a popular online store for skateboards. They started their business in 2004. First, they start their business only with skateboarding. For the time being, they spread their business.

skatedeluxe online shop to buy skateboard

Now, you can get shoes, clothing, and many essential accessories along with skateboarding. Besides, most of the renowned brands’ products are attached with SkateDeluxe, for instance, Adidas, Nike, Levis, Antihero, Antix, etc.

However, if you want to find a quality skateboard, SkateDeluxe will be the best choice. Because it gives you top brands of skateboards. So, you don’t have to be tense about quality.

Besides, brand companies ensure your quality first. You can get a skateboard and skateboard-related accessories. Thus, you can buy quality skateboard accessories from here.

Now, let’s check the prices. Prices differ in Size, quality, and design. However, the deluxe skateboard price is a little bit higher than other skateboards online stores. Because skate exclusive takes a product from top brands, that’s why product prices are high.

Quality, Size, and design are all elements present in the SkateDeluxe skateboard. However, you will not be deceived if you buy a skateboard from here. Because their price is high, but their product is quality full.

6. TGM Skateboards

TGM skateboards are one of the best places to order skateboards online. They provide a high-quality product at an affordable price. However, TGM is associated with some renowned and top-level companies, for instance, Ambition, Air house, anti-hero, midland, Nike, Prime, etc.

However, TGM skateboard aims to provide quality products for its customers. That’s why TGM skateboards quickly grab the attention and make them famous.

Besides, you can get a skateboard and longboard in TGM. It offers you a complete skateboard. You can also get all types of essential accessories that are attached to a skateboard. To clarify, you can find skateboard ramps, rails, wheels, etc. TGM also gives a complete package of skateboards.

tgm skateboard online shop

TGM skateboard pricing is also affordable for everyone. All types of people can purchase from here. Most of the products’ prices are below $100. Some products are up to $100 but not high priced. You can easily purchase their high-priced products. Besides, TGM skateboards accept return products 30 days from the purchase date.

Moreover, you can purchase TGM skateboard products without any doubt. Because TGM skateboard is a trusted online store for buying skateboards. So, it might be your best choice if you purchase a skateboard from here.

7. CCS

CCS is a well-known online store for skateboard. However, It offers a variety of skateboard decks. It also provides complete skateboards from top-level brands. Besides, CCS is associated with some top brand companies. Companies are Zero, Braked, Cooker, real, etc.

However, you will get quality products from here. If you don’t have enough budget, CCS will be your best choice.

CCS has a lot of products from different brands. They sell skateboards, snowboards, shoes, clothing, and many indoor-outdoor accessories. However, you can quickly get a complete skateboard package from here.

Besides, you can find skate components, protective from here. You can also get some accessories required for your skateboard. All the products are quality full and fulfill the demand of customers.

Now, come to the pricing. CCS gives the product both high and low prices. However, You can get some skateboards for below $100. But the amount is low. Most skateboard prices are more than $100. If you order more than $60, you will get free shipping opportunities.

Moreover, CCS is called one of the best online stores for purchasing skateboards. You can buy a skateboard from here because CCS is trusted and quality.

Are These Online Shops Trustworthy?

The listed online shops are all trustworthy. To clarify, a total of seven online stores have been mentioned here. These seven online stores are Amazon, Zumiez, Tactics, Warehouse skateboard, Skate deluxe, TGM skateboard, and CCS. In short, these seven stores are trusted and preferred by customers.

Besides, these companies have been doing business for the long run. However, they never cheat any customer. You can also visit their website to see customer reviews. It will help you to make decisions quickly.

What Should You Check Before Buying a Skateboard From an Online Shop?

Many people buy skateboards without considering anything. However, some things should be checked before buying. Therefore, you can easily purchase good products. So, let’s learn about this:

1. Feedback

Check the feedback first. It will be your advantage to know what the previous customers are saying.

2. Warranty

Good companies usually give a warranty. However, every company doesn’t provide that. But if you get a warranty of 6 months or one year, then you should take it.

3. Return policy

Many companies give opportunities for return policies. Thirty days of return policy is prevalent.  If you get it, then definitely take it.

4. Price

Before purchasing the product, check that it is value for money or not. If this is value for money, then you can buy it.

5. After-sales support

After-sales support is essential for any product. Many companies avoid this, but if you get this, then you should choose this.

Last Word

I hope you got the answer to your question. People want a standard skateboard before skating. However, they are often hesitant about where to buy skateboards online. In this article, I have tried to dispel this suspicion.

Moreover, you already know the best place to buy skateboards online after reading this article. It will give you proper guidelines to buy quality skateboards online. So, buy your skateboard from your favorite shop and enjoy your skating.

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