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Every skater knows that a smooth ride is only possible if the skate bearings are well cleaned and lubricated. However, it tends to be a daunting task to find the best oil for skate bearings. Although the market is flooded with various types of lubrication that profess greatness, some products deliver on a promise.

This article will help shed light on five lubricants that are great for skate bearings. Take your time to go through each one and find the one you feel is an excellent lubricant for your skateboard bearings.

It is best to use a silicone-based lubricant for the bearings of a skateboard. This is because it reduces the likelihood of dirt and dust accumulation. It is also unlikely to dry out and can last for many months, depending on how often you ride.

An example of a tremendous silicone-based lubricant is the “Bones Speed Cream”. Some people may use vegetable oil, Vaseline, olive oil, and lithium-based grease for lubrication. While they may temporarily serve the purpose, it is best to desist from using them.

3-in 1 oil skateboard bearings

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Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit

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Green SK8 Skate Bearing Oil 

List of the 5 Best Oil For Skate Bearings

  • Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit – Citrus Cleaner Included
  • Liberty Oil
  • Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant
  • Green Oil – SK8 Oil – Skateboard Bearing lubricant
  • Ya-Tube Bearing Lubricant

So Let’s discuss about the Lubricants we have selected here as the best lubricant for skateboard bearings

1. Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit – Citrus Cleaner Included

Bearings need cleaning before lubrication, and the Oust Bearings Kit is just what you need to get the job done. True to its name, this kit is useful and makes the process very quick and easy. Proper use of this kit leaves the bearings spotless without causing damage to bearing races or ball retainer.

What makes this the best cleaning kit is it comes complete with everything you need to finish the process. The bearing holder helps you neatly stack the bearings, and the container holds the bearings while cleaning. The orange citrus cleaner user-friendly and does an excellent job in the actual cleaning of the bearings.


  • Washing container
  • Bearing Holder
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Orange oil citrus cleaner
  • Perfect for Skateboards, Scooters, Longboards, Penny boards, and Inline skates.

Faq on Oust Bearings Clean

  • For which size it is designed?

Ans: 8mm Bearings

  • Does this come with lubricant?

Ans: No, only cleaner

  • Does It Come with bearings?

Ans: No.

2. Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Skateboard

This is an affordable, multi-purpose, 100% synthetic lubricating oil that is easily one of the best oils in the market. Liberty oil comes in a 4 oz. Bottle made of plastic that is easy to squeeze. It not only lubricates but also cleans and protects wheel bearings.

It comes with needle tip, stainless steel, and a locking cap that prevents leaks from the cap and bottle. The two friction modifiers found in the oil are look alike vert small ball bearings, which minimize friction, wear, and tear. Liberty oil is perfect for lubricating your bearings and other items around your home that may need oiling too!


  • 4-fluid-oz LDPE bottle
  • 100% synthetic oil
  • 5 inch 18 gauge applicator
  • Stainless steel Pharmaceutical grade dispenser
  • Patented Luer Lock cap
  • Safe on plastics and painted places
  • 2 friction modifiers

Faq on Liberty Oil

  • Is it refillable?

Ans: Yes, it is

  • Is it silicon-based or synthetic?

Ans: Synthetic

  • Does it work on high-speed bearings?

Ans: Yes, it works perfectly.

3. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

If you need faster and more durable bearings, the Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant is a great choice. It is very much easy to use and can be applied whenever your bearings feel dry or start acting up. It can even be used on rusted skateboard wheels to get them running smoothly again.

The 1 oz. bottle may seem small, but it lasts several applications. All you need is a drop or two on each bearing, and that application can continue a couple of months. This makes it a very efficient, cost-effective, and an excellent lubricant choice.


  • A single lubricant bottle
  • Weight – ½ ounce
  • A lifetime warranty ensuring protection from manufacturing problems

FAQ on Bones Speed Cream

  • Can I use it on ceramic bearings?

Ans: Yes, you can

  • Where it is manufactured?

Ans: It is the USA made

  • Does it help to speed up spinning?

Ans: Yes, it helps.

4. Green Oil – SK8 Skateboard Bearing Lubricant

Green oil is a reputable oil that has been on the market for decades, winning many awards over the years. It is made of biodegradable, plant-based, non-toxic materials that will not harm your skin or the environment. This lubricant is safe for use both on skateboards and quad skates.


  • 30ml 3 pack lubricant
  • Completely Bio-degradable and user friendly
  • Non-toxic lubricant
  • Recycled plastic packaging
  • Tried and tested lubricant#

5. Ya-Tube Bearing Lubricant

Ya-tube Bearing lubricant is a low viscosity lubricant that helps your bearings last longer and improves their speed. Once you have cleaned and purified your bearings, apply only a small amount of this lubricant. This will ensure that they run smoothly even if you plan on hiking or mountaineering.


  • Low viscosity lubricating oil
  • Weight – 11 g
  • Volume- 10ml
  • 4 inch long and 0.83-inch wide bottle
  • Ideal for hiking and mountaineering

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we use lube for skateboard bearings?

Ans: Yes, you may use lube for skateboard bearings. It helps the bearings roll faster and smoothly. It also helps minimize dryness and rigidity.

  1. What kind of lubricants should you use for skateboard bearings?

Ans: There many great lubricants you can use for skateboard bearings. Recommended lubes include Bones Speed cream, Triple Elite Liberty Oil, and Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit.

coconut oil for skateboard bearings

  1. Can I use olive oil to lube bearings?

Ans: Olive oil is not a good lubricant for skateboard bearings. It is likely to attract a lot of dust and dirt to your bearings. Also, it is only expected to last for a short while. However, when no other lubricant is available, olive oil is better than running on bearings with no lubrication.

  1. Can we use Vaseline on bearings?

Ans: Yes, Vaseline is a good lubricant. While it may not be as effective and long-lasting as proper lubricants, it still serves the purpose. However, in rainy weather or if you are planning on riding in muddy trails, using Vaseline can cause problems.

Final Verdict

After going through this review, choosing the best lubricant for skateboard bearings may not be a challenge to you. And I hope this article helped you identify many lubricants you can use. The options highlighted will help your bearings last longer, run smoothly, and prevent rusting too.

Keep in mind that you should never lubricate before cleaning your bearings. Applying a lubricant on dirt may make it less effective. Also, desist from using too much lubricant as it will make your bearings greasy and attract dust.

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