What is the Best Longboard for Pumping in 2021

Whether you are a beginner to longboarding or have been on it for years, longboard pumping is something you have probably heard about. While the discipline is not as popular as freeriding or downhill racing, it is still a hot topic among longboarders. 

In this post, I’m going to take you through more information on pumping and help you get the best longboard for pumping. To put it simply, longboard pumping is a way of gaining speed on a longboard without putting your feet down. 

Join me as I briefly examine this intricate art and give you a pumping longboard review. Also, pay attention to the buying guide to ensure you get the best out of your longboard pumping experience.

Can You Pump a Longboard?

You may not even hear about it often, but yes, you can. Pumping a longboard requires skill and practice, but it is quite enjoyable once you have mastered it. Most skateboarders love speed, and longboard pumping is a great way to gain speed and momentum on a longboard.

This is a necessary skill for longboarders as it comes handy, especially when going long distances. It is an alternative to kick pushing and can allow you to cruise fast on flat ground and even uphill. Here are a couple of essential points on longboard pumping.

  • It is done by effectively shifting your weight in ways that propel you forward. You need to time the weight shifts precisely, causing your board to gain inertia and speed.
  • In pumping your longboard, its wheels never leave the ground.
  • It is the direct opposite of carving as it helps you gain speed while carving helps you lose it.

This is an efficient and less tiresome way of going faster than push kicking, hence learning it. Mastering longboard pumping is by no means easy, and you need a fantastic longboard to get it right. Below is a pumping longboard review of one of the best on the market.

1. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


  • Material: Aluminium trucks,Bamboo and Canadian maple board, Urethane wheels
  • Board Size:41*9.5 inches
  • Truck size: 180mm (7 inches)
  • Wheel size: 70mm*50mm
  • Bearings: ABEC9 Hellon bearings
  • Colour: Mahem
  • Special features: Heat transfer graphics; clear grip tape; and high rebound bushings.

Fall in love with this 41 by the 9.5-inch board, with stunning and durable bamboo designs on its top and underside. Composed only of high-quality components, this board will exceed your riding expectations and last much longer than you expect. This is may ultimately be the best pumping and carving longboard.

The clear grip tape gives even the most amateur riders stability. Its urethane wheels are both durable and designed to support heavyweights. If you love speed, you will appreciate that the ABEC 9 bearings are both fats and durable.

The white wave bamboo longboard was designed with the rider that likes to do it all in mind. This board will undoubtedly enhance your riding experience, always.

User Experience

This board is both functional and looks great. Adding this to its affordability and stability makes this longboard a dream come true. The grip tape makes even an amateur ride like a pro in no time!

If you are really in the hunt for a board that will give you a smooth ride with easy turns and is very durable, look no further. This board has all that and more. The deck is large, comfortable, has a flex, and can support even larger out of shape people with ease.

How to Choose the Best Longboard for Pumping

As mentioned earlier, to pump right, you need to choose the right board first. Below are useful tips on picking the best board for pumping. I will briefly examine elements your board should have to make it great.

●  Wheels

In pumping, the bigger the wheels, the better. Look for wheels that are 70mm and larger. These easily maintain gained momentum, allowing you to speed up faster. Also, look for wheels with a good grip and square lips as they do not break traction when emerging from carves.

●  Trucks

Generally, narrow trucks are the best when pumping. However, they lack stability and speed. Wider trucks are, therefore, a better option. While they may need more pushing to pick up speed, they have higher speed and are suitable for long-distance cruising.

●  Bushings

Always pick the board with softer bushings. While they may not be too critical, they make the trucks full lean and turn better. This takes the strain out of changing direction, but you will need to watch for wheel bite.

How to Pump a Longboard

Now that you know that which longboard is the best for pumping and how to pick it, I will give you tips on how to pump a longboard. Keep in mind that though the skill may take time to master, it is definitely worth your while. While these tips are invaluable, they will only help you if you try doing the technique on your own.

The pumping motion involves shifting your weight from right to left in an S like fluid motion. Below I will describe the roles that each part of your body should play in the process.

●  Arms

They initiate the rotation that gets the pumping going. Arms should make continuous rotations, which move to your shoulders and torso when turning. The arms and upper body initiate movement while your lower body executes the actual rolling to speed you up.

●  Midsection

It gives power as you pump the board. Pumping works the muscles below your abs that support your back.

●  Hips

The hips should rotate from side to side to speed you up when turning and add riding momentum.

●  Legs and feet

These plays catch up with your hip movement to flawlessly execute the pumping motion

Thus to pump correctly, your whole body goes through a rotation wave that begins with your arms and upper body. It then moves to your hips and ends at your legs and feet. Never attempt to try and drive your pump with your legs.

Overall, remember to keep a constant rhythm, use your front foot to drive the front truck, and always pressure your toes or heels. Remember, be patient. You may not even get it right the first time, but you will master the art with enough practice.

Final Verdict

From what you have seen, I am sure you are convinced that you are riding long distances; otherwise, pumping is essential. Equally important is getting the best board for pumping that makes learning easy and gives you the speed you desire. 

The White bamboo Longboard fits the criteria of an excellent pumping longboard, so why not get it today.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Do not give up, and you will probably be a pro at pumping before you know it!

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