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For those of you looking to get a longboard for commuting or traveling, we have compiled two of the most perfect longboard option for you to check out. The compiled list of longboards was carefully designed to fit into traveling purposes.

But before going on to explain the best longboard that is good for long-distance travel, we would like to give you some information about long-distance longboarding. So let’s start

Are Longboards Good for Long Distances?

Wanting to embark on a long-distance journey or commute down the street or neighborhood?  A longboard is just the perfect means for you as a skater. To have an enjoyable ride coupled with exercise and fun, you will need a longboard for that journey,

Most people think the most sustainable option to travel or commute on a long-distance is either going by car, train, or by bus. But that is not totally correct, as a longboard can be the perfect ride for this journey that is if you are a good skater.

Longboards are one of the oldest types of skateboards. The longboards were not designed for performing high skating tricks, but it is the perfect skateboard option for commuting or traveling purposes.longboard for long distance cruising

Longboards are the easiest type of skateboard to ride; it can manage different types of terrain and can get you to your destination within a short period.

Now, we will be reviewing the longboard, you should have an eye for when looking for the best longboard for long distance.

Check Out the Top Longboards For Long Distance Here

1. The Lywaini Longboard Skateboard


  • Deck size: 41″ * 9.5.”
  • Bearings: Abec-11.
  • Wheel size: 70mm by 51mm.
  • Truck size: 7-inch.
  • Material: Aluminum, maple.
  • Weight capacity: Lbs 330.
  • Durometer: 80A.
  • Unique features: perfect for long-distance travel.

The LYWAINI longboard is up there with the very best when looking for the best long-distance longboard

Other than speed and traveling, this longboard also has some great fixtures that make it suitable for riding cruising, riding downhill, and has a strong weight capacity of 330lbs to carry you no matter how big or heavy the rider is.

Apart from its great multi functionalities and features, the LYWAINI 41inch longboard skateboard comes with amazing and stunning colorful designs. These designs will stun you and making your want to get one for yourself or relatives to enjoy the beautiful LYWAINI longboard skateboard freestyle ride.

The LYWAINI longboard skateboard has a 41 inch structured durable deck size that is made of cold press 8-ply natural maple. The deck is made with quality material that provides strongness, comfort, and palatability.

The surface of the board is specially designed to create friction between the shoe and the board. The brushed surface also makes it anti-slippery and anti-skid, preventing the riding from falling off the board and sustaining injuries unnecessarily.

The brushed surface and truck (which has a low gravitational center) of the 41 inches LYWAINI longboard also guarantees the comfort and stability of its riders when the board is at high speed or riding downhill.

The LYWAINI 41 inch longboard has 80A durometer hardness and a 70*51mm PU durable, rock finished, and perfect longboard wheel. It also has the perfect grip for most surfaces.

The LYWAINI longboard extra elastic PU support increases the control of the skateboard when on a high speed, riding downhill, or cruising and free styling around.

A perfect addition is the Abec-11 skateboard bearing that provides it with fast speed and the ability to withstand high rotation. With this type of bearing features, a faster and smooth ride is assured.

The LYWAINI 41 inch longboard skateboard is specially designed and made for all aged sports enthusiasts and would be a perfect gift for kids, teens, youths, and adults.

  • Speed enough
  • Strong and durable deck
  • High weight capacity
  • Best for long-distance rides and cruising
  • Suitable for downhill as well
  • Strong wheels and truck
  • May be too heavy to carry on hand
  • Not suitable for performing tricks
  • Not suitable to ride in skate parks
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2. Magneto Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


  • Deck size: 46″ by 9″
  • Wheel size: 70mm by 53mm
  • Truck size: 7-inch
  • Material: 3 piles of bamboo and 2-pile of fiberglass
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Durometer: 78A

The Magneto Bamboo longboard skateboard has outstanding strength and flexibility. Its 46″ by 9″ bamboo deck is specially made with a combination of 3 piles of bamboo and two piles of fiberglass to make the deck durable.

The deck profile is curved upwards a bit, with a dual kicktail specially designed for shove-its, dancing, cruising, manuals, and flip tricks. The slight curve on the deck makes it perfect for dancing and cruising.

One amazing thing to look out for in the Magneto bamboo longboards is its wheels. The wheels are made of aluminum and have a smoother durometer that is suitable for carving and cruising around and also great for riding on different terrains. Its wheels are specially made from quality SHR urethane.

Another special addition to the Magneto longboards is its stable 7-inches trucks. The trucks are made from heavy-duty, gravity-cast aluminum (Paris-style aluminum) that gives comfort even while riding on bad terrains.

  • Ideal longboard for cruising
  • Can be ridden on various terrains
  • Its decks are made of a combination of bamboo and fiberglass, which makes it durable
  • Made of quality SHR urethane
  • Can’t be ridden on skate parks
  • Can’t perform many skating tricks.
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What Types of Longboards are Suitable for Long-Distance?

This is a question often asked about, because there are various styles of longboarding, and it can be quite confusing to know which the best for long-distance longboarding is.

Now let me make this clear. The best style for longboarding is pushing and pumping.

If you get the chance to ask Long-distance longboarders who are very passionate riders and has strong dedication and performance goal like that of marathon runners, they will likely tell you that their preferred type of longboard that is suitable for long-distance are cruising and downhill longboard.

But if you want to travel far you will have to learn how to push and pump because it takes a lot of strength.

Long distance longboard for sale

How Far Can You Go on a Longboard?

Well-experienced and professional longboarders can cover up to 50 miles per day, let say about 12 to 14 hours of the daily 24 hours. If you are capable of achieving these feet per day, consider yourself a pro and experienced longboarder.

Being able to cover up to 50 miles in 12 to 14 hours as a long border is a really big and excellent performance. Pushing can be very exhausting as you will need a lot of strength to push during those hours of riding your longboard.

Achieving this kind of level is not just overnight. You will need to practice daily, start with short rides pushing on flat surfaces, before migrating to longer commuting, and daily trips, etc.

Also, you will need a lot of time to build up your muscles for pushing purposes. Get used to pushing with both of your feet: This will help balance and build up muscles all over your body.

Can I Use a Longboard as a Means of Transportation?

If you are a good rider and you have a longboard, then why can’t you use it as a means of commuting or transportation?

The most popular means of transportation among colleges in America is longboarding. Just like a skateboard, longboards have four wheels attached to them, and these wheels are propelled by the force in which the rider uses in kicking it off from the ground.

In fact, most Vassar (a private, coeducational, liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York), uses their longboards as a means of transportation from class to class.


Final Verdict

Without any form of misleading, I am sure every piece of information in this article answered all your questions concerning the best longboards for long distance. Also, I am sure you now know the benefit of getting the best longboard to help ease your long-distance Journey.

The Laiwaini and the Magneto bamboo longboards are the two very best kinds of longboards in terms of pushing and pumping to help achieve a long-distance journey by providing you with the desired speed to help reach your destination on time, and also make learning easy for you.

Why not get one of the above-mentioned (the Laiwaini or the Magneto bamboo skateboard) today from any of the skateboard shopping markets off and online, so you can start practicing in time. Remember procrastination is bad.

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