best land paddle stick for skateboard

3 Best Land Paddle Stick To Boost Up Your Speed in 2023

Top 3 Land Paddle Sticks are-

  • Kahuna Creations Land Paddle Stick
  • BraapStick Land Paddle
  • Hamboards SUP Land Paddle Stick

In recent years, it is a trend among the young generation to go longboarding or skateboarding. It is an excellent alternative name to do physical exercise along with adventure, fun, and enjoyment.

However, using a land paddle stick can double your pleasure. That’s why most skateboarders like to use the best land paddle stick when skateboarding.

Are you a beginner land paddler and have no experience of paddleboarding? Then you have to carefully choose the right paddle stick for skateboarding according to your height, skateboard size, and needs.

Here, we do all the homework to introduce the 3 best land paddle sticks for skateboarding. Let’s keep your eyes on our further words to this land paddle stick review.

Best Land Paddle Stick

For Whom The Land Paddle Stick Is Suitable?

Basically, land paddle sticks are ideal for those who love skateboarding and want to take their skateboarding experience to the advanced level.

In our research time, we have noticed that kids, teenagers, youngsters, and adults use land paddles. So you can not make a specific age group for whom the land paddle stick is suitable.

Besides age groups, there is also no boundary to use paddle sticks in terms of gender. Both males and females can go longboarding and use a paddle stick. In this case, stick size and shape can vary, nothing else.

Why Is The Land Paddle Stick Used For?

There are many reasons to use a land paddle stick as it offers you countless benefits. You can enjoy a perfect workout session with fun by using a paddle stick. It helps you for easy and smooth movement to your entire body muscle.

So, it enhances blood circulation to your abdominal muscles, additional muscles, body muscles, core stability muscles, etc. That is why you always feel energetic, charming, and enthusiastic.

Even in the long run, you can live a healthy life without suffering from diseases. Because working out cuts of the fats from your body, which is the precondition of suffering from many diseases.

Nonetheless, you can enjoy an effortless and comfortable ride as it cuts off the speed limits of longboarding.

3 Best Land Paddle Stick For Longboard & Skateboard

Now, it is time to talk about the product’s detailed information to enrich your knowledge.

1: Kahuna Creations Land Paddle Stick

Our first land paddling choice is from Kahuna Creations, as it means the leader or the chief. It has been producing the land paddle sticks for longboarding since 2006. That means it has 16 years of experience in making longboard land paddle sticks.

The stick is made with ballistic polycarbonate and panda-friendly 5’6″ bamboo to ensure your pro grip and easier turn. That is why you do not have to think about your and the stick’s height adjustability.

The bamboo of this stick is super solid and durable, and the pad is highly effective at gripping the road surfaces and propelling you forwards. When you tip the stick on the road for your front-side and back-side strokes, you get an ergonomic feel that boosts up your longboarding speed. Besides longboarding or skateboarding, you can also use it for leaning downhill.

The excellent lightweight craftsmanship makes it easily manageable. As a result, when you do not use it, you can carry it without any hassle. So finally, it can be a great pick to make your skateboarding and workout session great, productive, and fun.

2. BraapStick Land Paddle – Best For Lightweight

The BraapStik land paddle is our next choice for you, no matter whether you are a kid or a senior citizen. If you want to buy a paddle stick for your kids, its 9 different color options will be very convenient. The beautiful stick colors will make a beautiful smile on your kid’s lips.

On the other hand, if you are an old grown man and have neuropathy in your feet, when you feel your feet sore you can use it to propel you. It comes in three sizes (light – 80 to 180 pounds, medium – 180 to 220 pounds, and heavy – 200 to 300 pounds), so you can choose one according to your requirement.

It has attached fiberglass springs to the handle to offer you excellent shock absorption, stability, brakes, carving control, and propulsion. Even if you tend to lose momentum when waving, it helps to make a good balance to prevent you from falling.

It is designed in a collapsible way to make the storage system simple and easy besides height adjustment. As it is a sturdy, compact, portable, and replaceable rubber foot so you can choose it for efficient strokes for your easy commuting.

3: Hamboards SUP Land Paddle Stick – Best For Quality

If you like to get a land paddle stick designed by athletes, you can go with the Hamboards SUP land Paddle. It is built by keeping in mind every level of users, including beginners to experts.


However, in most cases, it is very tough to find an adjustable stick for tall guys. Don’t worry; Hamboards understands your needs. It brings its paddle sticks from 4 feet to 6 feet in height that will be really convenient if you are 7 feet long.

Additionally, the paddle is made from high-quality and heavy-duty material to make it long-lasting. The excellent fiberglass pole and EVA grip will release controllable energy from your shoulder, elbow, and wrist that offer you comfortable flex.

This SUP paddle has two size thumb adjustment locks to enhance your performance besides excellent gripping. It fits everywhere in your backpack, bag, and locker to get an enjoyable ride in any climate and weather conditions. You can also get powerful strokes in the windy area.

What Things Should I Consider Before Buying a Land Paddle Stick?

If you do not have any prior land paddle stick buying experience, it seems very hard to find the best match. So it will be better if you consider some specific features in your stick to make your investment worthwhile. Some of the considerable features are

  • Material

Though skateboard paddle sticks are not too expensive, that does not mean you pick a cheaply crafted product. The high-quality material ensures durability and excellent performance. The sticks made from polycarbonate, bamboo, or fiberglass springs are perfect for land paddling. So you should check the stick’s material before selecting it.

  • Height adjustment

If your stick is too long or too short, it affects your strokes and reduces your performance. You will even lose your momentum and balance because of an unadjusted stick’s height which can be a reason for your falling down from the skateboard. So, you should choose a stick that reaches your nose.

Here, you have to measure your height after standing on your skateboard, as it adds some inches with your real height. Or simply keep in mind your skateboard height, and add the number when selecting your preferred stick size.

  • Grip

The road trip and wrist grip both are important to enjoy speedy skateboarding with the paddle stick. If you buy the sticks from your nearest sports shop, you can check the grip by holding and road tip by making simple strokes. When you want to buy online, you can read the product description and verified customer reviews.

  • Weight

You have to also think about the stick’s weight. If you are a novice skateboarder with a paddle stick, a lightweight stick is excellent for you as it will not be a reason for your hand fatigue. Oppositely, if you can efficiently manage a heavyweight stick, you can enjoy ultimate fun from the event.

Wrap Up

So now you know the best land paddle stick in the market and their benefits. You can use the stick to take your experience with longboards to the next level.

If you are a budget-minded person and want a high-quality stick, you can choose the Kahuna paddle stick. And the BraapStick paddle stick will be best for easy-to-use and manageable sticks.

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