Best Kid Skateboarders Based on Experienced

Sky Brown is the best kid skateboarder in the world.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, few people play the game for professional purposes. But most people play for entertainment purposes only. Besides, kids also play the game along with adults. In short, people of all ages play the game.

Moreover, you may have heard the big skateboarders’ names. But do you know the popular kid skateboarders?

Most people know less about this. Lots of kids play this game. In this article, I will reveal the best kid skateboarders. Here, you will know their skateboarding career and journey. So, let’s get started:

best kid skateboarders
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Who is the best Kid Skateboarder in the World?

Skateboarding is a very famous sport. However, many people think only adults play the game. But kids also play the sport. Many kids are shaking the world in skateboarding.

Sky Brown is the best kid skateboarder in the world. She competes for Great Britain. Sky Brown is the youngest skateboarder in the world.

Moreover, Sky brown achieved many prizes in different skateboarding events. She won the 2019 world championship, and 2021 X games. And her most significant achievement is to win a bronze medal in the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. Now, she is known as the most popular kid skateboarder in the world.

Who is the Best Kid Skateboarder in Australia?

Skateboarding is very popular in Australia. Many Australian skateboarders are shaking around the world. However, Australian kids are not far behind. Many Australian kids are doing well in skateboarding.

Kaheli Stone- Kelly is a famous Australian kid skateboarder. Now, she is just nine years old. However, she started learning skateboarding when she was just six months. At the age of two, she was good at skateboarding.

Moreover, one of his skateboarding videos went viral when she was two years old. It can be seen that at such an age, she is skateboarding with fearlessness.

All Popular Kids Skateboarder

Now, I will discuss the top ten kid skateboarders in the world. You will know about their skateboard journey and their career. So, let’s get to know about them.

1. Tyshawn Jones

Tyshawn Jones is one of the best & great kid skateboarders in the world. He is a skateboarder from Los Angeles, USA. However, Tyshawn Jones was born on December 24, 1988, in Manhattan, New York. He grew up in New Jersey. At the age of ten, he started learning skateboarding from his brother and uncle. After that, he was introduced to the skateboarding world.

Jones did not leave skateboarding after his brother left this sport. He used to practice regularly with his friends. For his extraordinary stunt, his friend told him the king of LA in skateboarding. That’s why he is now a regular skateboarder in America.

Moreover, Tyshawn Jones is the winner of the 2018 Thrasher skateboard of the year award. Once upon a time, he had no sponsorship. But his current sponsors are Adidas, Awesome, Supreme, New Era, Hardies, Thunder Truck, etc. Besides, Tyshawn Jones is a big inspiration for all the kids. Now, his name is flourishing not only in America but also in the whole world.

2. Lawsen Miller (Age: 9) From Leawood, KS”

Lawsen Miller is another top-rated kid skateboarder in the world. However, he is a famous American kid skateboarder. Lawson Miller was born in 2006, in Overland Park, KS, United States. He is a regular kid skateboard player in America.

However, Lawsen started his skateboard career when he was just nine years old. In the year of 2015, he started his skateboard career. Now, he is 15 years old. Today he has come to this position through hard work. From an early age, he practiced for a long time. So, his patience and hard work put him in a high position.

Moreover, he achieved the best position in a global ranking. Coming to the global rankings at such a young age is also a big deal. Now, he has several well-known sponsors. Lawson’s sponsors are CXXII Apparel, Hosoi skateboards, Power flex wheel, Immortal laces, etc.

3. Alex Midler

Alex Midler is a famous American skateboarder. He is also a professional skateboarder. However, he was born on July 14, 1998. He was also a seasoned amateur skate competitor. At the early age of his life, he lived in Westport, Connecticut. When he is eight years old, his family moved to Malibu, California.

Moreover, Alex Midler is a snowboarder. At the age of three, he started his skateboarding career. However, he takes training from the Southern California state lab. Alex is also a very hard worker. That’s why he can do all the stances at the age of eight. And, he joins professional skateboarding in fifteen years of age.

Furthermore, now he is 22 years old. He has everything that he wants to achieve. But at an early age, he needed sponsorship. But he cannot get that. Now he has some big sponsorships like Thunder trucks, Bronson, Illegal Civilization, Val surf, Spitfire wheels, etc.

4. Jagger Eaton (USA)

Jagger Eaton is one of the best and youngest skateboarders in the world. He is a professional skateboarder from America. Jagger Eaton was born on February 21, 2001. However, he competes in street and park competitions. He won the bronze medal in the men’s street competition Tokyo Olympic games 2021. It is his first Olympic medal.

However, his career started when he was 11 years old. He and his brother started learning from KTR skateboard school. Then, he flourished himself. And make him for a big game. He is a big competitor of X games. Besides, he is the Big Air Best trip Gap Competition champion in the Kimberley Diamond Cup, in South Africa.

Moreover, he has the big name of the sponsor. Sponsored are DC Shoes, Red Bull, Independent Truck Company, Bones Wheels. The Tokyo Olympics is the most significant achievement of his life. Because he got a bronze medal in this event for his country. Now, he is called the best skateboarder.

5. Steven Fernandez (USA)

Steven Fernandez is known as a youtube star. He was born on February 27, 2000. Steven Fernandez is also known as Lil Cloud and a Baby scumbag. However, he is an artist in the American music industry. And he is also an amateur skateboarder. Fernandez has acted in the movies in the 2014 name search party.

However, Steven Fernande comes from poverty. But he used to skateboard from an early age. Every day he used to practice with his skateboard. Finally, at the age of 12, he became famous as a skateboarding phenom. He can do incredible stunts in skateboarding. That’s why he has an excellent reputation in this field.

Moreover, he was the first skateboarder to get media attention. Among baby skateboarders, he was featured in many magazines. Now, Steven Fernandez is playing professional skateboarding. In addition, he is attending some competitive skateboarding tournaments.

6. Chris and Pierce Brunner (USA)

Chris and Pierce Bruner are American twin brothers. However, these twin brothers are the most famous twin skateboarders in the world. They are now 23 years old. Together they started skateboarding. They began to have success in skateboarding when they were 12 years old. Now, they are one of the best twin skateboarders in the world.

Moreover, the two of them stay together at the same address. They have an excellent bonding with each other. Besides, this twin has a good understanding of skating. They can read each other very well. Both are very supportive. For that reason, they have become very popular in skateboarding.

Moreover, Chris and Pierce Brunner earned very well. They have a lot of sponsors. Their sponsor’s photo is attached under their belt. Some sponsors are Footprint Insoles, Jacks Garage, Independent, etc. They try to make themselves for international events.

7. Kahlei Stone-Kelly

Kaheli Stone is known as kelly. She is one of the most famous kid skateboarders in the world. Kelly was born in 2012. She is a very fearless skateboard rider.

Kelly starts riding a skateboard when she was in two years old. When her parents release a video of her skating on the internet, it goes viral. Everyone is amazed to see a two years old girl controlling the skateboard so beautifully.

Moreover, she started practicing when she was just six months old. Kaheli is from Victoria, Australia. She is considered to be the youngest skateboarder in the world. Her skateboarding video has been viewed millions of times on Facebook and YouTube. She has also a Facebook fan page. Sometimes her fans send her a gift.

8. Sky Brown (Age: 6) From Miyazaki City, Japan

Sky Brown is a British Japanese kid skateboarder. Her mother is Japanese, and her father is British. So, that’s why she is British Japanese. She was born on seven July 2008 in Miyazaki City, Japan. Besides, her family was a skateboarder. Her pre-school has a skate park. She has a skating ramp in the garden.

Sky Brown started learning skateboarding when she was six years old. She doesn’t have a coach. Brown was learning many tips from YouTube. But she practiced with Shaun White, who won an Olympic snowboard medal. Day by day, she increased her skill. And made her a professional athlete. Now, she is the youngest professional skateboarder in the world.

Moreover, Sky brown attends many sports events. And she won many events. However, she got a gold medal from X Games championship 2021. Bronze medal 2019 Sau Paolo. And her biggest achievement is the 2020 summer Tokyo. She won a bronze medal for her country.

9. Ocean Brown (Age: 3) From Miyazaki City, Japan

Ocean Brown is the younger brother of sky brown. He was born on September 12, 2011. Besides, His birthplace is Miyazaki, Japan. Now, he is almost ten years old. He is also a social media star. He came to skateboarding inspired by her sister Sky Brown. Ocean Brown grows in Japan then moves to the United States.

However, he has some excellent skills in skateboarding. Ocean Brown can do a lot of stunts that even skilled skateboarders cannot do. His family has always been skateboarding. As you know, his sister is one of the youngest professional skateboarders in the world.

Moreover, He is interested in surfing and music. Brown is very active in his social media account. He has 92k Instagram followers. However, He is just ten now. Brown tried to develop his skills in skateboarding. Then, he will participate in many mega-events like her sister. Now, he attends some small events.

10. Gonzalo Morales (Age: 6) From Lima, Peru

Gonzalo Morales is the youngest skateboarder in the world. He is from Lima, Peru. Gonzalo Morales was born in 2008 in Peru. However, he is known as the top kid skateboarder in Peru. His unique styles and amazing stunts make him the best skateboarder. He attended some local skateboarding.

However, Gonzalo Morales started skateboarding when he was just six years old. His father bought him a skateboard to play in his leisure time. But he liked this skateboard very much. Gonzalo practiced it most of the day. And try some unique stunts. He released videos of her skateboard on her Instagram and YouTube.

Now, he is 13 years old and stands in the global ranking. Volcom sponsored him. However, Gonzalo Morales won some local skateboarding competitions. He has also an interest in snowboarding and surfing. But he tries to make himself a professional skateboarder. So, he is moving forward with this goal.

Final Verdict

Skateboarding is the most adventurous game. Kids to Adults, everyone loves the game. However, there is little risk involved in skating. So, it is possible to avoid the risk by taking a little caution.

Many parents do not want to let their children play this game. They think that skating is not for kids. In this article, you will see the best kid Skateboarders. So, kids can also play this game. Just read their career for inspiration.

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