5 Best High Top Skate Shoes For Your Better Ankle Support

Do you like to wear high top shoes for skating? Then you can check our article on the best high top skate shoes to choose your fitted one.

Before going on an exciting skateboard journey, you have to wear all kinds of protective gear to keep yourself safe from any injury. Here, most of the time you focus on the helmet, skateboard outfits, wrist, and knee pads.

But, a great fit and comfortable skateboard shoes are also essential to enjoy the fun and adventure. Otherwise, you may suffer from ankle or toe pain.

When there are a plethora of shoes in the market, it is very confusing to choose one. In this case, you have to invest in the best high-top skate shoes that perfectly fit your feet and offer you ultimate protection with comfort.

We do deep research and read the customers’ reviews to narrow down the 5 best skate shoes with high-top. So we can assure you that you will get the best-fitted shoes.

From our listed shoes, the Reebok Men’s Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker has got great popularity among the skaters because of their overall great performance. So you can have a look at these shoes if you like to invest less time to pick the best shoes.

Which One Is the Best High Top Skate Shoes?

Vans Unisex-Adult Sk8 is the top high-top skate shoe for adults and DC pure kids skate shoes are for kids. If you are in a hurry, you may go with them without any doubt.

best high top skate shoes

Are High-Top Skate Shoes Better For Skating?

There is not a straightforward answer. Basically, it depends on your preference. But most skateboard enthusiasts like to wear high-top shoes for skateboarding because of their great ankle protection functionality and excellent grip.

That’s why when you Flipkart your skateboard or kick the road, you don’t feel any pain in your ankle. These shoes also prevent ankle pain against your skateboard deck collision.

In addition, the high-top shoes have thick padding so that you can comfortably wear them for a prolonged time. And this padding also keeps your feet joints warm. So you can consider that wearing high-top skate shoes are good for protection.


Are High-Top Converse Good For Skating?high top skate shoes

Converse has been producing different kinds of skate shoes (high top and low top) since 1974. The shoes of Converse are solidly constructed, flexible, and long-lasting. So that you will get everything (comfort, fittings, durability, flexibility, excellent design, nice grip, etc.) that you want from your skate shoes.

That’s why it can uphold its popularity among all generation’s skateboarders. So according to this shoe user’s opinion, we can say that high-top Converse shoes are suitable for skating.


Are High-Top Vans Good For Skating?

Absolutely, yes. The high-top Vans shoes are made with suede and canvas materials which are more reliable than cheap leather. That’s why the shoes are very durable.

The company used regular sneakers padding in the shoes collar, throat, tongue, and hill cup. Which helps you to prevent extra pressure to your ankle as well as provide excellent support.

Lastly, the waffle grip outsole of the shoes ensures proper grip. So that if you lose balance, you will not fall and get injured.


5 Best High Top Skate Shoes – Let’s discover

As you are here that means you know about Converse and Vans shoes. Now, let’s get detailed information about the best high-top skate shoes women’s and men.

1: Reebok Men’s Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker – Best For Popularity

Our first choice is Reebok Men’s Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker for your next skateboard outing. It is one of the masterpieces in the skateboard shoe industry.


The shoes are made with 85% leather, 15% textile fabrics, and flat insoles. So that you will get excellent toe and ankle support from these shoes. Because of its brilliant construction, it has received 8500+ global ratings with 4.5 positive feedback.

Reebok Men's BB4500 Hi 2 Sneaker, Black/Alloy, 9.5 Wide
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: These game sneakers feature leather and mesh upper for a blend of support and breathability
  • EFFICIENT FOOT SUPPORT: These stylish trainers feature high abrasion rubber outsole adds durable responsiveness and lasts...

The excellent design, durable materials, and wide shape of the shoe make a great combination to make it worth your investment. Not only that, you don’t feel any pressure or painful irritation to your feet when running or kicking the skateboard.best skate shoes with high top

However, many shoes are rugged and require a lot of time to take your feet’ shape. But, when selecting this pair of high-top skate shoe men, you will not face this type of issue. If you wear it some days and walk into your room, the shoes will efficiently take your foot shape. So you can quickly and fastly put on and take off the shoes, and it will be very convenient for you.

On top-notch, the shoes are slip-resistant, so that you can wear them in any wet area or weather. Even by wearing these shoes, you can firmly stand by the skate deck without slipping. So you can level up your skateboard experience by trying this premium footwear.

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2: Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes – Best For Protection

Vans is one of the most ancient skate shoe-producing companies, and it designed the shows by keeping in mind both male and female users. The Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top skate shoes come in brand sizes from 3.5 to 12 inches. So you don’t face any challenges in picking your feet-size shoes from these ranges.

The shoe soles are made with Signature Waffle Rubber Sole and 100% synthetic fabric. The sole makes the shoes durable, and synthetic material makes them comfortable. That means they are perfectly ok to enjoy power slides and ollies during skating.

Getting ankle support while landing with the skateboard is your primary concern to choose high-top shoes. In this term of ankle support, none other than Vans will win the game.High Top Skate Shoes Mens

Because the heel cup of the shoes is flexible and wide enough to ideally take the shape of your feet and cover your ankle. No doubt, they can ensure maximum protection.

The shoe closure is lace-up, and you can easily tie the lace to secure the shoes with your feet. As a result, the shoes will not want to come up when you are kicking land to upgrade your skateboard speed to cover a vast area within a short time.

These men’s and women’s high-top skate shoes have double stitches, so the shoes will not tear up easily. The stylish design of the shoes will match up your skateboard outfits which your friends will appreciate.

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3: DC Kids’ Pure High Top Ev Skate Shoes – Best For Budget

Our third pick is for your little kids because children love skateboarding more than adults. As we describe two high-top skate shoes for adults, why don’t kids get preference?

You can choose the DC Kids’ Pure High Top Ev Skate Shoes for your loved children or grandchildren. DC brings one group of shoes for 4-8 years and another for children of 8-12 years. And both the groups of children are school goers. So they can wear shoes to go to school besides skateboarding.

DC boys Pure High-top Ev Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 5.5 Big Kid US
  • Mid-top design
  • Hook and loop tape strap and elastic laces

The children always like to follow trends when choosing any things, especially for skateboarding. By keeping this in mind, DC innovatively designed its high-top shoes to protect your kid’s ankle from any injury.

Moreover, some children like to wear an ankle brace to their ankle to get extra support. The DC shoes have enough room so that your child can comfortably wear the shoes with the brace, though the brace takes some space. That means the shoes are perfectly fit for wide and board feet.

Since the shoes are made with durable material and are very comfortable to wear, there is nothing to worry about when the kids land crappily with their skateboards.

On top-notch, the shoes have ankle straps so that the kid can quickly wear and remove them. And the elastic laces ensure a pleasant outlook of the shoes.

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4: Supra Vaider Men’s Skate Trainers – Best For Durability

If you like to get a unique design, excellent functionality, and durable skateboard shoes, then you can give a try to this Supra Vaider Men’s Skate Trainers shoe. The shoes are made with heavy-duty tan Suede and tan wax canvas underlays soles. So you get excellent gripping and perfect traction when walking or running.

Supra Mens Vaider Tan Lt Gum Shoes Size 4
  • Tan suede overlays and tan wax canvas underlays
  • Tan lace with tan and flame hardware with logo details

The padded collar protects your ankle, and camo mesh tongue lining ensures your superior comfort, with excellent breathability and freshness. So that you feel protected and comfortable all the time while skating. As a result, you can focus on learning the skateboard skills to prepare for your upcoming events.

These supra high-top skate shoes come in the perfect size so that you can choose your preferred size for sung fittings. Even the shoes’ closure collar is designed with lace that you can knot for the best fit.

The shoes offer you ultimate protection, comfort, mobility, and flexibility to meet your expectations. They can be an excellent choice for you or as a gift item for your skateboard partners or skateboard enthusiast friends.

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5: Emerica Men’s Romero Laced High Top Skate Shoe – Best For Style

Emerica Men’s Romero Laced High Top Skate Shoe is our last choice for your kids or teenagers whose weight is below 100 kg. The sole of this pair of shoes is built with rubber to ensure exact land traction.

The cupsole of the shoes supports your toe area when you bend the shoes to speed up the skate rolling. You can efficiently Flipkart your skateboard as these high-top shoes will ensure your better ankle protection.

If you love the lace to your shoes, it is a plus point because the shoe’s closure collar is designed with lace. As a result, you can tie the lace with multiple knots that go with the skateboard trends.

Besides being easy to put on and put off, the shoes are also effortless to clean and maintain. You can wash the shoes with soapy water to keep them clean and destroy germ-growing chances. As you know, untidy and wet shoes are one of the best places to grow germs and bacteria.

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How to Choose the Best High-Top Skate Shoes?

How to Choose the best high top skate shoes

When there are multiple options at your hand, it’s challenging to choose the right high-top skate shoes. The difficulty level goes up when you don’t have any prior experience in buying skate shoes. Here, we will present a small but for sure practical buying guide to efficiently choose your next high-top shoes.

  • Soles

First, you have to check which types of soles are used to make the shoes. Different companies use different types of soles, and some soles are durable and wet resistant, and some are not. As skateboarders put much pressure on soles, you have to ensure a durable sole is used here.

You have to choose the durable soles because it takes the most pressure when you walk, run, or land with a skateboard. Some of the strong soles are Rubber, Cupsole, Vulcanize sole, and Waffle Rubber sole. So you should pick shoes that have one of these four soles.

  • Upper material

Most of the time, the upper side of the shoes is built with leather, textile fabrics, Suede, or a combination of leather and textile. The leather makes the boots flexible, easy to wear, and stylish.

On the other side, Suede makes the shoes durable and protective. Besides sole quality, you must consider the upper materials of the shoes.

  • Shoes size and shape

The next considerable thing is choosing the right size and shape shoes to wear comfortably. Every human being’s foot is different in size and shape. Some have long and narrow feet, while some have short but wide feet. It can be vice versa.

That’s why the shoe-producing companies bring multiple sizes of shoes under one model. As a result, you can easily pick the exact size and shape of shoes for you.

First, you need to know your foot size to choose the right size and shaped shoes. You can measure your foot size and shape very easily with a cloth measurement tape. Just keep the tape on your feet and notice the number in inches. You can do the same thing frequently to get an accurate number.

  • Protection features

A pair of shoes are not only shoes; they are the best option to protect your feet from any injury. The toe cap, toe box, saddle overlays, lace keeper, throat, tongue, heel cup, Achilles collar are essential to protect your feet. So, you should not forget to check these features precisely.

  • Great fittings

Generally, the high top shoes will cover your ankle area. So feeling comfortable is a must to focus on your skateboard to take the skills to the next level without injuring your feet. Besides fittings, you have to check the breathability of the shoe, as it helps you to feel dry and calm.


Where Can I Buy Cheap High-Top Skate Shoes?

Everybody loves to get high-quality products at a low price. So it seems exciting if you can buy the high-top skate shoes within your budget. As skate shoes are not very expensive, you can collect your favorite shoes online at any time.

But, if you want to save some bucks, you can visit Amazon when it offers Black Friday sales or any other offers for any special events. You can buy high-top skate shoes from there at a cheap price at that time.



Can I do tricks with high-top skate shoes?

Yes, you can. You have to learn many skills and tricks to take your skateboard experience to the next level. The more you know the tricks, the more efficiently you can operate the skateboard without losing balance. And the high-top shoes support your toe and ankle to protect your feet. I have talked about ankle brace for skateboarding as well. You may check out this to get the best ankle brace.


Can I do longboarding with high-top skate shoes as well?

Skateboarding and longboarding are somewhat similar sports. Because both of the sports require mostly the same skills (pumping, balancing, turning, and strength), that’s why you can use your high-top skate shoes for your longboarding.



Now, it’s time to summarize our entire discussion about the best high top skate shoes. Basically, who loves to get extra coverage and support to their ankle, high-top shoes are the ultimate choice for them.

The footwear will protect your feet from injury, and your feet will carry your body weight for easy movement. That’s why you can realize how tactfully you have to choose your shoes.

If you feel overwhelmed to choose the best option for you, then let us help you.

You can choose Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes for excellent protection. No matter, whether you are a male or female, as the shoes are unisex, you can select the shoes without thinking about this gender issue.

Or you can pick DC Kids’ Pure High Top Ev Skate Shoes for your kid to serve the double (school going and skateboarding) purpose.



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