Best Fingerboard in 2021 | Everything You Need to Know

Skateboarding is a popular action sport that has birthed yet another awesome hobby, fingerboarding. Fingerboarding simply replaces feet with fingers on a smaller skateboard. The best fingerboard brands offer their users realistic, mind-blowing skateboarding like experience.

This article will inform you all there is to know about fingerboarding. Read on, and I will equip you with priceless knowledge about this trending mini skateboarding activity. Get ready to set up your fingerboard and be part of the entertaining world of fingerboarding.

What Does Fingerboard Mean?

The fingerboard is a miniature skateboard controlled by fingers. It is a smaller version of skateboards on which one rides using fingers. A fingerboard has wheels, trucks, and graphics.

Most fingerboards measure approximately 10 centimeters long. The width also varies from plus or minus 30 to 96 millimeters. Hardwood, glue, wheels, and trucks are some of the materials that make fingerboards.

Who Invented the Fingerboard?

A professional skateboarder, Robert Lance Mountain, invented the fingerboard. R.L Mountain was born in the United States of America. He founded an organization known as The Firm Skateboards.

The first fingerboard saw the light of day in the 1970s. Lance’s comic performance in “Future Primitive” made fingerboards more popular to the world around.

P-REP Fingerboard Review


  • Material: Wood
  • Fingerboard deck size: 100mm x 34mm
  • Trucks: 34mm, locknuts, single axel
  • Wheels: CNC lathed wheels
  • Weight: 1.06 ounces
  • Special features: BKF baked bushings, uncut foam grip tape, bearings

The P-REP fingerboard can give you a prenominal experience in the world of fingerboarding. It comes with not only instructions but also a clear tutorial video on how to assemble it. P-REP fingerboard comes handy with screws and nuts to put it together.

The high-performance fingerboard is affordable. Even though its the cheapest alternative, it takes no chance at substituting quality. Its high-quality hardwood gives it great strength and durability. The P-REP is hassle-free because it comes as a complete fingerboard gear.

Now We Will Discuss on Fingerboard Grip Tape Review

Teak Turning Premium Fingerboard Graphic Skate Tape


  • Quantity: Three sheets
  • Size: 114 millimeters length, 38 millimeters width
  • Texture: Grit
  • Item weight: 0.458 ounces
  • Special features: Adhesive backing, high-resolution graphic

The teak turning is the best fingerboard grip tape and has a great gritty feel to it that gives a real skateboard like feeling. The grit texture offers its riders’ fingers a perfect grip and the liberty to perform tricks, turns, and even dark slides. Teak turning grip tape is very comfortable on the fingers.

It assures high levels of control for both learning armatures and experienced professionals. The adhesive backing makes it easy to apply, requiring no additional material. It has a high-resolution graphic.

The Teak turning grip tape comes in packs of three sheets. It is a Cotton Candy Colourway Edition labeled ” Don’t Hate, Just Skate.” This grip tape is custom made in the United States of America.

What Are the Best Fingerboards Brands?

Only the top fingerboard brands will offer you a fantastic shot at fingerboarding. Design, grip, bushings, and bearings are all crucial aspects, and only a few fingerboards can give you the best of these features.

Below, I compiled some of the top fingerboard brands on the market.These brands are perfect for beginners and pros that look to perform cool tricks and incredible stunts.

1. Tech Deck Fingerboard

It has ranked number one is the Tech deck fingerboards. And it’s also having been available for over two decades, these fingerboards have gained popularity. They are common not only for their unique designs, but they never fail to deliver on quality.

This brand is excellent for beginners and those who are looking for a real skateboard feel. Tech deck fingerboards are mainly made of plastic. They are affordable and easy to get.

Dc comics, Skate Co, and FUNdamentals are some of the series released over the years by this remarkable brand. A Tech deck fingerboard would weigh approximately 18 grams and measures 20.1 x 24.2 x 20.1 cm.

2. Southboards Zebra Finger Skateboard

This marvelous brand is handmade, crafted from Canadian maple wood. The final touch of the Southboards Zebra Finger Skateboard is a careful hand-done polish giving it a dazzling and lovely look. One glance at it and you will make you fall in love with its striking unique make.

Several varnish layers that coat the deck assure you a long-lasting fingerboard. It comes as a package with everything you will need to put it together. However, the lavish board will require you to dig deep into your pockets as it guarantees value for money.

3. Pizzies Professional Wood Mini Skateboard

This brand is a cheaper alternative that is more likely within most users’ means. It is made of a five-ply wood that is strong and durable.

This brand is perfect for pros that are looking to perform stunts and do tricks. It has closed bearing wheels that give less friction or resistance and more speed.

The Pizzies Professional brand is a set packed with everything you need to get started.

4. P-REP Complete Wooden Fingerboard

Among the best is the PRE-REP wooden fingerboard. It is fit for both beginners and experienced professionals. As affordable as it is, it still competes in quality and performance with the expensive brands.

The foam grip tape is a thumb up. It gives better control and stability on the fingerboard. Two sheets of this excellent grip tape are included in your purchase of the P-REP fingerboard brand.

Its top deck is about 30 millimeters giving the fingers ample room for tricks and turns. The metal trucks are durable. No matter how much weight you force down on them with your fingers during a stunt, they will not break. This cost an efficient brand on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Fingerboard (Buying Guide)

With the numerous brands of fingerboards available on the market today, choosing which one to purchase may seem impossible. Even though every marketer claims to have the best, only a few live up to it. Below is a more detailed buying guide that will help you get the fingerboard you need.

●   Fingerboard for beginners

I highly recommend the Tech deck fingerboard; it is good as a first. It is also durable and offers a good grip for beginners. The Peoples Republic fingerboard has a good grip tape that gives a beginner better control and steadiness.

Other brands for beginners are the Skull or Bollie Completes. These fingerboards are easy to assemble. They come together with all that you need to put it together.

●   Midway learners

For those halfway between armature beginners and expert professionals, Winkler wheels are the best. They offer a bit more flexibility, allowing you to choose your parts and tailor your fingerboard to suit your needs. You can change trucks and wheels on these kinds of skateboards.

●   Professionals

At this expert level of fingerboarding, you are now able to purchase compatible parts individually. You are very capable of putting together a fingerboard that will fit your specific needs. The Tech deck, Southboards, and Peples republic are among the popular brands used by professionals.

How to Use a Fingerboard

You can only fully experience the fun of fingerboarding when you know how to use a fingerboard. You will be amazed at how many stunts and tricks you can pull off with just your fingers. Nevertheless, before advancing to the tricky moves, you will first need to master the basic skills required in fingerboarding.

The initial procedure you must do is to make sure that you are comfortable with the fingerboard you are using. Before purchasing, roll it back and forth to see if you are comfortable with the grip and speed. Press down at the one side at a time to check if the grip is ideal for you.

Well, now that you have your fingerboard, you are good to go. Let us now learn a few basics.


●   Finger positioning

This is the first and most crucial skill in fingerboarding. You need to know where to place your fingers for control and stability.

Your index finger must then be placed in the very center or middle of the fingerboard. Meanwhile, put your middle finger on the back lip of the fingerboard. While the index finger retains control of the fingerboard, the middle finger initiates all the tricks and stunts.

Although these two fingers are easy and comfortable for many, you may find yourself on the minority. You might just prefer to use a different set of fingers, and it is still okay. Feel free to use even three fingers for better control and stability.


●   Forward push

Now that you know how and where to place your fingers, the first move is a simple push forward. It is the easiest move you can do with your fingerboard. However, it may be boring to make this move all day so let us learn something more advanced.


●   Manual lift

Taking fingerboarding to the next level, we now learn the manual lift. It is also a simple trick that requires little practice. You press down on the fingerboard’s lip with your middle finger to suspend the front wheels in the air.

Keep riding a distance in this very same position when you feel ready to land, press down the index finger to put all wheels back on the ground.


●   Board turning

Board turning is the first basic trick that you will love to learn. It is so pretty simple to do and easy to master. Just like any other trick, you will need to practice a few times before you fully get the hang of it.

With your fingers positioned on the board, move it straight forward on a flat surface. Using the middle finger that is already placed on the backflip, press the board down. This will automatically send the front wheels flying in the air.

Your index finger should no longer press down to allow the board to push up freely. Now, twist your fingers in whichever direction you want to turn the board. Press the index finger back down when you feel you have turned enough to reposition your board and complete the turn.


●   Air tricks

Air tricks are more sophisticated and will need a bit more practice to master. Position your fingers as instructed prior. Now use your middle finger to press down the fingerboard’s back lip lifting only the front wheels.

Keep your fingerboard balanced on your middle finger. Meanwhile, press down on the rear hard enough to send the board flying into the air. This trick needs you to act swiftly as gravity will quickly send the fingerboard landing back on the surface.

A complete success of this trick will land the fingerboard back on its four wheels.


  • What makes a fingerboard good?

Ans: A good fingerboard offers value for money, one that is durable and efficient. A worthy skateboard will allow its user to perform tricks and stunts smoothly. An attractive look is also a primary characteristic of a good fingerboard.

  • What is the best trick in fingerboarding?

Ans: Air tricks are the best and coolest fingerboard tricks. Examples of air tricks are the kick or heel flip. These are grand fingerboard stunts armatures envy, and professionals effortlessly show off.

The fingerboard ramp or park will facilitate a lot more mind-blowing tricks.

  • What fingerboard should I get?

Ans: I would highly recommend the top-rated fingerboard on the market today, the Tech Deck. Whether you are an expert or learner, this fingerboard will meet your expectations and beyond. It is durable and affordable.

However, no matter how rated a fingerboard is, we all have different preferences. The most pivotal thing is to get a fingerboard that gives you a comfortable grip. One that you feel has enough speed and stability for your expert level.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a starter or pro in the skateboarding community, you are looking to get the best fingerboard in the world. So before purchasing, use the above guide to do a thorough fingerboard review. I guarantee you are adequately equipped with the knowhow of getting the best suitable fingerboard.

Learn all the new tricks and spectacular stunts you want and enjoy a happy fingerboarding experience!

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