Best Drop Deck Longboard Review With Brake in 2021

Longboarding is one of the fastest-growing sport nowadays among the youth. People enjoy doing tricks on longboards and riding at high speed. To do some tricks at the time of riding drop deck longboards are suitable and that’s why I have reviewed the best drop deck longboard here. However, longboarding is not an easy sport, but it is easy to learn. To longboard, you need to get the best longboards to enjoy your rides fully.

What is a Drop Deck Longboard?

In a drop deck longboard, trucks are mounted on the longboard where they are dripped down the deck. When drop through is used in mounting, riders center of attraction is lowered, and this leads to increased stability.

Drop through mounting also decreases the stress on the hips and lower body while riding. This is because it is now easy to push the longboard and footbrake.

List of Top Five Drop Deck Longobard Review with A Brake

  • Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 41 Inch
  • Rayne Longboards
  • Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 39 Inch
  • DB Longboards
  • DWR Drop Down Longboard Brake
  • QINGMM Longboards Skateboards 42 Inch Complete Drop Down

What is Drop Through Longboard?

A drop-through longboard comes with a cutout in the deck. The sticker is for fitting the trucks well on the board. Drop through longboards comes with more stability to ride on the board, especially when riding at high speed.

A drop also through the longboard tends to lower the center of gravity of the rider, decreasing the stress on the hips and lower body parts of the rider, making it easier for the rider to push and break easily.

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard Review – 41 Inch

If you are looking for a good drop deck longboard, take a look at this one. Atom drop deck board comes with maximum stability making it the best for down hilling. You can drop it low to feel the flow.


  • Ultra-low-riding longboard for maximum stability
  • ABEC bearings with high-speed lubricant
  • 80S grip tape
  • Ease of push reduces wear and tear
  • Full maple laminated deck
  • Reverse kingpin longboard trucks
  • Massive wheelbase
  • Trucks have 245-millimeter axles
  • Unique perimeter shape eliminates wheel bite
  • One year warranty

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  • maximum stability for down hilling
  • Ease to push makes it perfect for long-distance riding
  • Highest rated bearings
  • Wheels stickier beyond belief
  • Bearings don’t roll when you stop pushing
  • Trucks too fragile

atom drop deck longboardUsers’ experience

This beautiful drop deck from Atom is the best drop deck for beginners. It has a massive wheel for perfect balancing for stability. The deck is low for a lower center of gravity. It suits experienced skaters and also newbies.

If you want to go for long-distance rides or bombard large hills, then this is the drop deck longboard to use.

FAQ on Atom 41 Inch

  • What is the size of the wheels?

Ans: 70 x 51mm

  • How many layers are used in the deck?

Ans: 8 layers

  • Is the board too heavy to carry?

Ans: No, it is a regular skateboard.

  • What about the bushing durometer?

Ans: It’s about 90A

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2. Rayne Demonseed Drop Down Longboards Review

If you are tired of replacing longboards, Rayne manufacturers have made this one in your favor. This drop-down longboard withstands the most challenging conditions and abuse. This one will last you longer than the previous brand you used.


  • Stable at any speed
  • Easy to ride
  • Suites every rider
  • Very quality longboard
  • Durable materials
  • Used reclaimed and recycled material
  • Best longboards for downhill, free ride, and freestyle

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  • Longboard has good stability
  • The deck is thick and lasts long
  • Wheels with a good grip
  • The artwork of the board is not attractive

Users’ experience

Despite this drop deck longboard’s pros and cons, it still stands out to be the best. It is worth every coin because of the best features it has. This drop deck longboard has fantastic artistry. It also has a grip tape that has a lot of grips that you cannot compare to other longboards.

The beautiful maple trim, together with the grip tape, has elements showing the maple underneath.

People who have used this deck board have confessed that the board is massive and vast. For excellent balance, this board has beautiful curves and bends on the deck.

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3. Atom Drop Deck Longboard -39 Inch

This drop deck longboard is beautiful. To add to its beauty, you will not believe how good it is at has cutouts that keep you away from wheel bids.


  • Its deck has 9 ply maple laminate
  • Trucks are standard King Pin
  • The base is stable with a 35-degree base
  • Axles made of steel
  • Aluminum hangers of 6 inch
  • Low deck height
  • Easy to kick

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  • Stylish and well made
  • Easy balancing
  • Deck, wheels, and truck are of good quality
  • Bearings have to be replaced
  • Wheel nuts need to be loosened

Users’ Experience

To begin with, the beauty of this board is what will attract you to look at its features. Its wheels and bearings are responsible for its smooth rides. This board curves marvelously. Although you have to change slightly loosen the wheels, this board will give you enough flex and fantastic rides.

atom drop deck 39 inch

Are you planning to cruise? It will not be fun if you will not be using the Atom drop deck longboard. Because of its low height, it is easy to kick, making it suitable for most terrains. Stop reading and make an order to get this board.

FAQ on Atom Drop Deck 39 Inch

  • Will I get enough speed with this board?

Ans: Obviously you will get.

  • Is it good for a heavy person?

Ans: No, It’s for a regular guy.

Ans: Yes, it is suitable for them.

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4. DB Contra Drop Deck Maple Longboard

Founded out of a love of skating by a group of high school students, this longboard is worth every coin. In its making, these students used quality materials, meaning the board is also very durable.

The DB longboards factory is located in the south of Seattle, and the factory makes its boards with a passion for human-powered mobility.


  • Perfect for downhill speeds
  • Easy cruising
  • Comes when it is fully assembled
  • Has ultra-light trucks
  • Wheels of the cruiser measure 69mm
  • Has lightning bearings
  • Best for adventure
  • Suitably made for hills, waves, beaches, and mountains

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  • Wheels material is durable
  • The boards use water-based chemicals which is environment friendly

Users’ experience

This board is durable since it is made of quality materials. So, you will not have to keep replacing your board. It is designed for freeriding and down hilling. The boards come with the same type of components, and the final product is steadfast.

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5. QINGMM Longboards Skateboard Complete Drop Down

This board is the best choice for your children. This drop-down is perfect for beginners as well as the pros. The high quality and stable construction are responsible for its ease to learn and enjoy all the fun.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • The simple trucks, bearings, wheels, and axles enable you to practice turning and curving
  • Both kids and adults skateboards are available
  • Can hold up to 330lbs
  • Built for any height
  • Has ABEC-7 bearings with injected PU wheels
  • Has double kick tails made with a 7-ply Maple deck
  • Fits a shoe size of 12
  • Available for all ages

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  • Comes when it is fully assembled
  • Can be used by both beginners and pros
  • A good longboard for learning tricks
  • Has a good grip
  • No cons

Users’ experience

The QINGMM longboard is made to suit both beginners and pros. This board is suitable enough for learning tricks. The compressed trucks, wheels, and axles enable you to practice turning with ease. This board is fresh for newbies, and the boards come for all ages.

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The 3 Best  Drop Deck Longboard

  1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 41 Inch
  2. Rayne Longboards
  3. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 39 Inch

DWR Drop Down Longboard Brake Review

This product from Longboard Brake is optimized to work on a drop-down deck. It is made on optimized metal with high tension springs. It is easy to install and works well.


  • Designed to fit the Contour of Sharp Drop Deck
  • Has a powerful spring to hold it against the deck
  • Has a compressed size and adequate clearance
  • High wear resistance
  • Longer life
  • Pad bolts sit deep inside
  • Comes with a bolt washer
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable steel foot brake

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  • It’s effortless to install
  • Works well for skating around town
  • Comes when it is not assembled

Users’ experience

Although it comes when not assembled, the installation of this drop-down longboard is straightforward. The package comes with instructions on how to assemble it. For skating around town and slowing, I would recommend this board.

This DWR drop-down has a high wear resistance giving it a longer life. It is also made with heat resistance technology. Its pad bolts sit deep inside, and it comes with a bolt washer so you will not have to buy a bolt washer.

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FAQ on the Best Drop Deck Longboard

  • Are drop deck longboards good for beginners?

Ans: among all the other choices of decks available, drop-through decks are considered the best for beginners. The deck is near the ground, which makes it easier for your legs while pushing and also makes the ride stable.

  • Can you do tricks on a drop deck longboard?

Ans: you can use the two cutouts on the drop-through longboard to place the trucks. Doing this allows you to change the direction and experience various longboarding tricks. The trucks are gobbled both at the nose and the tail of the drop through longboard, and this makes the deck lower and offers more stability.

  • How to ride a drop deck longboard

Ans: First, make sure you fix your drop through the longboard’s parts correctly. To begin riding, put your heels and toes at the right side of the deck, this will let you ride comfortably. Make good use of your feet and toes to control the deck.

  • Does the drop deck longboard last longer?

Ans: since all your weight is distributed on the bolts holding the trucks to the board, this makes it less secure. However, this does not mean that they don’t last long. It is made so to suit curving and cruising.

Final verdict

Although sliding on a drop deck, longboard needs you to be a little experienced skateboarder, beginners can still learn how to do tricks on them.

 When you learn how to ride correctly with freestyle, you will be able to try more tricks on the best drop deck longboard.

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